Frank Wilson (Former HC & LSU RB Coach)

Is suddenly following quite a few Arkansas Football playaz on Twitter… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A Frank Wilson hire would be HUGE!!!

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Great opportunity to really add to our stable of SEC level talent from the state of Louisiana. Amazing the quantity and quality coming out of that state.

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I looked at his recent twitter follows. Not seeing any Razorback players

Nor did I find any. I think Daytona may have just been trolling us a bit. Maybe that’s what he meant with the little emoji.

Keep in mind that reportedly all on field assistants are in place and have been in place for a few days. That to me says that the final spots that have not been announced are still coaching and will be announced as soon as they are finished with bowl season. I cannot think of a reason why they would not announce Wilson if he was one of the guys committed.

Or it takes time to get documents executed

Well I hope you are right hawgcotton.