Frank Ragnow coming back for his senior season

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Quick story.

Obviously this is big news. Means Hogs should return 4 of 5 starters on the OL.

Excellent news. Don’t need anything else for Christmas (well, maybe a few defensive recruits)!

What a CLASS individual. Obviously, raised by CLASS parents. Proud he is a Hawg!

This is the biggest piece to the puzzle.

Pretty salty pre-game song mix as well. Most of us here can relate to all of those songs.

VERY impressive young man.
I hope he becomes “the best center in college football” and gets drafted very high.

Good to see a kid that gets it and sees the big picture. Not just thinking about himself. It’s clear that he understands Family, TEAM & Commitment. I suspect he will be rewarded handsomely in the years to come!

Big Frank is the Christmas gift that just keeps giving, thank you for being a Razorback!! WPS

Huge break for this team. Jusr huge!

They are all favorites of mine. :sunglasses:

What great news and what a first-class young man! WPS!!!

That’s an awesome and diversified list of music, that being said with Don McClean and Earth, Wind, and Fire on the list does show some history. Maybe an Elvis song (Hound Dog or Heartbreak Hotel) could have been in there also.

Those are among the greatest songs ever cut. I bet his dad and I would have had great fishing trips. There were plans to make a trip with Frank and his dad. I was going to take them to my spots on the White and Norfork Rivers. They were going to take me to the boundary waters where the Ragnows have a cabin. And, we’d have a contest as to who could catch the most, the biggest. But I bet mainly we’d listen to some great music.

Rainbow trout and Small mouth bass like good music to Clay.