Frank out for the season

I’ll have more details soon. Koty Frank will require surgery.

Hate that for Frank! Poor guy.

Well the news just keeps getting better and better


Unfortunately my instant diagnosis was correct. Grabbing his armpit like he did, there isn’t much else in that area.

Damn. How many hits can this pitching staff take?

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well I hate that for him and the team.This team has been dealt some crappy blows and I don’t know if we can overcome these huge losses or not.We are going to have to have some guys who have no SEC expereince come on and do exceptionally well in a league that has several team that can flat out mash the ball.I like what I see of Carter and Ledbetter is getting better,Morris needs to get himself right bc we really need him.Woods the young FR has the arm and the pitches if he can just locate. LA Tech will be a big challenge this weekend,they beat Ole Miss and were ahead in game 2 in the 7th beofre the game was cancelled and the runs they got in the 7th didn’t count so OM won 4-3 but in reality were behind


Maybe we can just pretend this never happened? Is there an HI cover jinx?