Frank Martin's postgame PC

Martin was pretty frustrated with his team. Here is the video: … right-now/

Also, because I’m sure someone might ask, we don’t have video from Mike’s postgame news conference tonight. We only have the Martin video through an exchange program to which we subscribe.

Here is what Mike said on SEC Network after the game: … ver-south/

I was just about to make a thread talking about the press conference.

Here’s the entire thing … 17aaa.html

If we’re not allowed to post videos like that from another site, I apologize and please delete it.

I feel his pain, but it was kind of funny, he’s gotta have the most aggressive personality in college basketball right now. And is it me or was he hinting if he was a player he’d be fighting some of his teammates?

If not fighting, I’d say the play under the basket in practice would be quite physical if Martin had his druthers.

He really didn’t give Hogs any credit, but then again he really didn’t spend that much time talking about what happened on the court tonight. It’s more about this malaise they’ve fallen into.

It occurs to me that if we take care of business, and the Chickens can’t fix this ongoing problem, we might be able to overtake them for third. Which sure wouldn’t hurt our bubble case. Their next two are at Vandy, at Florida. Those could easily be Ls and we could catch them with two home wins.

Audio problems. Can you repost?

Reply: in his formal lively hood while living In Miami he was a nightclub bouncer. Left the nightclub business after a shooting and got into coaching from AAU to eventually assist coaching on Huggins staff