Frank Martin

This is a random observation but today I was bored watching some highlights from the Arkansas SC game.

I know Frank is a great coach, but it’s two years in a row now they have struggled late in the season. I think a lot of it has to do with the way coach Martin carries himself during games. He sat on the bench 90% of the game, a lot of the time I would look and he was leaning back with his hands relaxed on his head. In the second half SC made a run making big plays such as the alley oop and a few old fashioned 3 point plays, he had no reaction, he just sat on the bench.

This might not mean much but players care how coaches react and think of them, and if your coach only gets of the bench to rip you for making a mistake, a players confidence won’t be very high.

Now Mike on the other hand never sat and was jumping up and down and was very involved with our team.

Frank even mentioned walking out of a practice, that just drains the confidence of a young player. They are a well coached team but if a player doesn’t have confidence, you won’t be very successful.

Once again just a random observation I had watching highlights.

Woo pig

Frank Martin chews some tail. He has had to try to control himself. He had to apologize last year for an outburst. Thornwell has lost his legs !

I can appreciate good discipline but watching how CFM treat his players turn me off. Judging by their annual February melt down it turns his players off as well.

Yea Martin is kinda really old school with his coaching methods. He yells, cusses, and gets in players faces. He got in trouble a couple years ago, got caught on camera cursing one of his players out and got suspended for a game. His players love him because they know he’s just coaching and trying to make them better, but it really doesn’t look good from the outside looking in.

I can’t lie, when I grew up, I played football and the coaches would get in our face and do the same thing, really wasn’t that big of a deal back then. But, it’s a different these days, you really can’t do stuff like that now, at least not in public on national TV. And I think when Martin can’t do that, it really affects his effectiveness. He said in the press conference after the Arkansas game their practice was really bad and he just walked out of it because he didn’t want to be negative. And you kinda see him now just sitting on the bench trying to control his temper as the OP stated. He still gets after people every now and then, but nothing like how he use to be. I remember his first years at South Carolina, every timeout somebody was getting chewed out, even if they were winning.