Frank Martin out at South Carolina

I really liked Frank Martin. Not so sure South Carolina’s expectations for basketball aren’t a little too high.


Frank Martin’s a good coach and he’s a good man… I hate that for him.


Of course I don’t know him personally but I’ve always kind of kept up with him. If you have a chance, google his story about how he got in to coaching.

He rides his players hard but he really loves his guys. I can imagine its hard to recruit top basketball talent to South Carolina. Lots of competition in that area. If I was them the first thing I would do is drop under armour and go to Nike. That would be worth at least two four stars a year…lol

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Yeah I don’t know him personally but I’ve seen him interviewed off of the court and he’s always been a really classy guy. He coaches his kids hard and I think that’s the way you have to do it but at the same time you love them like they’re your own.I’m like you I don’t know what the expectations are at South Carolina but he’s a heck of a coach in my opinion


I don’t know why they’d fire him. Agree that SC has a higher opinion of their program than they should. They’re not getting anybody better than Martin, who is a very good coach, to bring them into the top 1/3 of the SEC. Ain’t happening without cheating. So in that regard, perhaps Will Wade is available.


Well…I have no opinion. Here is what I hear from many SC boosters I know (remember I live in Charleston, which is not Columbia, but 100 miles away).

  1. Martin was there 10 years. They made ONE NCAA tourney. Granted, they went to Final 4 in the one. But that’s 10%. Not good. And yes, SC wants to be big time…and look at their women as an example.
  2. Martin has a temper problem. Not as abusive as Petrino. But he has MANY detractors. If you have a temper problem and not great PR skills…you better win. One booster said to me “one of these days Martin is gonna kill a player.” They were only half joking.

That’s all I know. I don’'t know him at all. I just know many with a strong opinion on him.


Never underestimate how a coach can influence a youngster. My Junior High football coach was a huge influence on me. I was small, slow but gave it may all. Coach always appreciated my effort and let me know. He would chew my butt out one minute and pat me on the head the next play telling me “good job”. He had me and a couple of girls over to his house to tutor us in Algebra. Joe Harris was a good coach but a better man. I was privileged to call him my friend later in life. Miss him.


I did not realize he had been there 10 years. Good man or not, one tourney appearance in 10 years will get you fired. In fact, one appearance in 5 years will get you fired.

Martin was there for 10 years.

1 NCAA Tournament appearance
1 NIT appearance
8 years no post season

That is why he is getting fired. Pretty simple.

You forgot to mention his one NCAA appearance was the final four.

What did SC ever do in basketball before he got there?

I agree no post season play will get you fired but I just don’t think they will do much better unless they start cheating. Look at all the schools around them they have to compete with for recruits. Big time basketball schools right in there back yard.


Good luck finding someone who’s going to do better with their tremendous basketball history to make a great coach want to come in and try to take over a program that is clearly a woman’s program in basketball.


Last Sweet 16 before the FF was in 1973. Last tournament appearance before the FF was 2004. But they did win the NIT twice.

But yeah, Dawn Staley has proven you can win big in the Coop, and they’re not going to tolerate a men’s coach who can’t.

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I think they could make a big splash by promoting Dawn Staley…I have no doubt she could coach young men.


That would be fun to watch.


You mean demoting Dawn Staley. LOL!


lol my bad

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Well just 52 years ago, they had a heckuva team. Went 14-0 in the ACC. And failed to make the NCAA tournament because they lost to NC State in double OT of the ACC tournament championship game. That was a great team. They could have gone almost all the way. They had an excellent chance of being National runnersup to UCLA.

:rofl: Good one. Yeah lets see who they hire, not going to be WW but a young up and comer.

Dawn Staley would kick total booty. I would love to see her get a shot. Except when we played her teams.

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