Frank Martin & even Cal

Bash all you want but coach scumbag (Ky LOL) stated at some point after the season I think put in a plug for the SEC saying it was the youngest league in the Power 5 conferences. Or do they call it 6 now?? LOL really I’m confused on that one. :smiley:

Another point, has anybody noticed all the Coach Martin compliments about the SEC. It’s not been one it’s been several. And to think we beat those guys at their place.
I’m not going to look it up but didn’t SC lose 2 or 3 in a row and one of those is our loss. Coach Martin went nuts about his team. Well, they have it back together and in the Elite 8.

Anybody noticed a few plugs on live TV with 3 SEC teams in the Elite 8??


Just a Ref call away from 4 teams. Although we would be playing KY IF we would have won the next one…

ARE we back??