Frank martin body language

Usually he is intense, screaming, really into the game on the sideline.

Last night he mostly just set there quietly like he was just resigned to getting blown out.

I know it’s been a strange season for them but i thought that was pretty odd. We talk about players body language on the court some times but it applies to coaches as well.

I noticed that too. Really out of character for Frank. His remarks after the game make me wonder if he’ll hang it up after this year.

He has had 2 bouts with covid too. He may not have the energy back

I agree with you Gentry, he just looks tired.

If they had not identified him, I would never have guessed that that was Frank Martin. He’s gained weight, his wardrobe was odd, and he was totally hairless-not even eyebrows. If a patient came into my clinic like that, I’d ask them if they were on chemotherapy. His body language also looked like that.

His team still played hard, as you’d expect, but I agree, that was VERY weird seeing FM look like that.


Martin started losing his hair after his first positive COVID test and decided to shave it.,decided%20to%20shave%20his%20head.&text=According%20to%20reporter%20Michael%20Lananna,he%20decided%20to%20shave%20it.

TV announcers stated that he had recently just started to workout and resume normal activities. The impact of Covid is hard to square for each individual but it is clear that he has been impacted much like someone having had cancer treatments. I suspect his fire will return as is strength returns.

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As a COVID survivor I can attest to the issues of fatigue lasting a while. It’s tough.

His post game interview was very interesting, almost like he’s checked out already for this season. He’s extremely disappointed with his team.

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