Frank Deford passed away

Frank Deford, who wrote that famous article on Nolan for Sports Illustrated, passed away. That article is one for the history books. As an avid follower of Tennis, Frank was one of the best, if not the best in covering tennis and I will miss reading his articles. RIP Frank.

I am very disappointed that Frank Deford’s article (Got to do some coachin’) is no longer in the SI vault. I often reread that. I did find it in a book by him on Amazon.

His was a special talent, he will be missed.

I immediately thought of that article as well,

When things were tough for coach early in his tenure, it was an article that introduced us to the man and family trauma many of us didn’t fully understand as yet.

Tremendous article

And a tremendous writer

Great writer and commentator. Never took himself to seriously. Really enjoyed him.

Got a.first edition copy which has been oft read.

Pretty sure I have that SI edition stored away in my many boxes of older SI mags I kept.
That was an outstanding article that would give ya chill bumps and/or practically bring ya to tears every time it was read. Frank was one of my favs, like others said here, he wasn’t into himself, just like to write it how he saw it and how he felt it.
RIP Frank. … me-coachin

thank you for finding that link to the article. Still hurts to think of what the Richardson had to go through as he came to Arkansas.


Like I said chill bumps and tears, still.
Thanks for the link, saved me a lot of digging.

Wow, I had forgotten about that. Thanks so much for posting. After reading it, I now remember having read it as a kid. Powerfully written – amazing he chose to do it as a play. Deford was a great writer. Nolan was a great coach and is a great man. Wow.

Wow, I really tried to find that article, but could not get it to come up. Thanks for finding the link!