Frank Broyles on Special Teams


I read where the 2018 Hogs have a lot of walk-ons on the special teams…that might explain a few things.

I vividly remember Coach Frank Broyles stating his firm belief of playing his best on the Special Teams. One, their called Special Teams for a good reason…according to Frank you had to be “special” to play on Special Teams. Two, it’s one-third of the game. Special Teams can make or break a game wide open. I also remember Darrell Royal playing Earl Campbell on Special Teams.

Hopefully CCM and his staff will re-evaluate their starting personnel on Special Teams and learn from the game’s legends.


Well said. I posted something similar. Frank wanted his best on the field for those plays. He won his first championship pretty much with the quick kick and punt returns.

No real excuse for what we have been seeing the past few years in all phases of the kicking game. I am sure there were others, but I only remember 1 blocked kick against a Frank team. Big Earl Cambell got one in Fayetteville (yep, DKR played him on punt teams. Of course, those two coaches did not know anything about coaching winning football did they?).

I believe part of the problem is the prima-donna existence of the elite athletes in this era. Frankly, most of them don’t want to be on special teams - look at it as a combination of “grunt work” (“disrespecting” them) and a place where they might get injured. Doesn’t fit with their NFL aspirations. Teams/coaches know this and if they are known for playing many of their best players on special teams, it will actually be used against them in recruiting!

Sad, but true.

Better explain to them that ST is probably their best ticket to making and staying on an NFL team. You have to make the team first, then show your stuff. Coaches at any level notice that player that is first down the field covering kicks and makes tackles. That will get you noticed faster than anything.

The coaches today said they expect to see more starters on special teams moving forward. I give Chad Morris credit for adapting when things aren’t going right. I’ve seen positive in-season moves related to the quarterback, offensive line and special teams, at least as it relates to putting better players on the field.