Frank Anselem down to five

According to Adam Zagoria

He reports Anselem is now down to Arkansas, San Diego State, Seton Hall, Syracuse and Western Kentucky.

UK is out of the picture. Interesting

Also interesting that Western KY i$ not out of the picture.

W KY maybe recruiting ($) players. They may not be, but here is what 247 says about his position at each school listed:


AR - 1 on roster, 1 committed
San Diego St - 1 on roster, 0 committed
Seton Hall - 2 on roster, 0 committed
Syracuse - 2 on roster, 0 committed
W KY - 1 on roster, 0 committed (Bassey, who many think will go pro)

If you were a Center, where do you think you’d get the most playing time?

Kentucky has Olivier Sarr and Isaiah Jackson at that position. Tough to find PT at Kentucky

I just don’t think, looking at the teams listed, W KY fits in. 3 or 4 years ago, I would have put SD St in that category also, but they’ve become a terrific basketball program the last few years. I don’t think the Hogs are in the running, because we have a much higher rated C/PF (Williams) signed in Frank’s class. I expect him to go to SD St.

I wouldn’t doubt that. I wish we would get him.

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