Franco Harris passes away


Remember that day!


I was sitting on the floor along with my two brothers watching the game. My mother was a big Steelers fan, especially of Terry Bradshaw( she met him once and was hooked, LOL). She was screaming louder than we were. A great player. RIP

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Almost exactly 50 years to the day after the Immaculate Reception.

It was an credible moment. Bradshaw was Mr. Charisma with talent. Franco Harris was a hero.

Franco’s amazing catch and run marked the end of one dynasty (Oakland) and the start of a new dynasty (Pittsburgh). Will always remember Franco Harris and that play. Truly shocking.
UA…Campus of Champions

NFL Network for the last week has been promoting its Christmas Eve game between the Steelers and Raiders as the 50-year (plus one day) anniversary of the Immaculate Reception and running highlights of the play.

Franco Harris was often asked in interviews if he really caught the ball. I watched one with NFL Films once when he said he was told by Art Rooney never to tell and to “keep it immaculate, Franco.”

Galloping into the Sunset!!!

Franco, You gave the game one the most treasured moments!!! Peace be with you.

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It was a catch……

I was blessed to sit next to him on a flight for a couple of hours about 5 years ago and he was personable and genuine as they can be. He actually started the conversation with me when I already knew who he was. A lot of current day athletes could watch how he worked with media during interviews as a lesson in attitude and sincerity.

He had a smile as big as a house.

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Truly iconic. Boy, did Pittsburgh have some fun to watch teams.

I remember watching that game. I was so mad that they called it a catch. Raider fan for life!! RIP Franco Harris!!

RIP Franco. Always had class.
I remember that game as a young teenager thinking wow just wow. Talk about some knock down drag out rivalry - Steelers / Raiders in those days just punished each other.

Already immortalized with a statue in the Pittsburgh airport

Tremendous athlete and person.

I always thought he scooped that ball off the ground, though.

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