France up 2-1 at half in WC final

Only one shot on goal, the penalty kick that put Les Bleus ahead after a handball in the box. The first goal was headed in by a Croatian defender.

Only one team has lost the World Cup final after leading at halftime, so France has that going for them. But France’s defense has been shaky. I would not be surprised to see a 3-3 game going to extra time.

Us old folks have to ask, What is a world cup?

Being old is okay. Living in a cave I see not. LOL.

Sometimes soccer games are funny. I thought Croats dominated most of the game until the last 20 minutes or so, but it was France that was the one scoring goals.

I wasn’t rooting for France, but you’ve gotta give those ole foreign country boys credit where it is due. They were the better side today and had a great run. Now why does that old Hanson song always cue up in my mind every time I hear Mbappe’s name mentioned? Best World Cup unis go to Croatia’s red and white checkerboards. Those were sweet.

Good one. Now you’ve given me my earworm for the day.

Croatia does the checkerboard unis in everything. I saw a crowd shot of a little girl wearing what appeared to be a water polo cap, done in checkerboard.

I have to agree with PJ. Croatia had most of the play, but France put the ball in the net.

Actually Atlanta is a hotbed for soccer, the new Stadium is packed at times for soccer games. Huge crowds actually as many as Georgia Tech will get for football.

BobgHawg what has become of the Atlanta Silverbacks and Silverbacks Park since AU has burst onto the scene?

They’re still playing; just won their conference title in the NPSL Saturday night and advance to the playoffs. Still playing at Silverbacks Park too. Ironically, one of the teams they might face in the playoffs are the Little Rock Rangers.

Croatia flag has red and white checkerboards. Their national color combo.

I see that. Today’s Atlanta United TV game drew 73K. And looking at the crowds, it was not mostly Latinos. I was impressed.

Odds for the next World Cup (Qatar, November 2022, monument to the power of collective bribery, which also may have been true for the tournament that ended today) are already out. Brazil is favored. USA is the 16th choice at 60-1.

Funny since Croatia is the former Yugoslavia, not the former Czechoslovakia. Czechs and toothless Tennessee hillbillies should wear checkerboards, not Yugo slavs.