Fractured Fan Base

I read multiple message boards daily and it rather striking the divergent viewpoints that I run across. This fan base has many different factions and is quite fractured. I don’t think it is as simple as being a hater or sunshine pumper. It is more complicated than that but I will try to condense my observations into three categories of fans.

  1. The Establishment Wing: These fans tend to be older, probably long time season ticket holders, more of the insider crowd, maybe even to the point of being directly vested in the success of the administration or coaching staff at the UA. I suspect several members of this board fall into this category. These are the folks that are completely stunned that Long got fired and up until yesterday, thought there was still a good chance that CBB would be retained. I call this denial. There may even be some in this crowd who hope the Chancellor and BOT screw up the next few weeks so they can say “i told you so”, but I hope not.

  2. The Insurgents: This crowd are the bomb throwers and flame throwers. They may have even rooted against the Hogs the last few weeks in hopes it would insure a big change. They think the first sign of trouble should result in a firing. They are delighted in Long’s firing and will celebrate when CBB gets the axe. They probably don’t care who the AD is as long as they are connected to the state. Their idea of a good coach is someone like Mike Leach or Lane Kiffin, or even bringing Petrino back. All scary options in my opinion.

  3. The Moderates: The good old middle of the road crowd. These folks would have been glad to keep Long and Bielema as long as they were successful. They realize, however, that a change is needed even though they wish it hadn’t come to that. They don’t believe in a scorched earth policy nor are they resistant to change in order to protect their vested interests. They just want the program to win and do it in as a classy way as possible. They will probably go along with Malzahn or Norvell as long as we are successful.

I am hoping we can weather this storm and all of these groups will rally around our new AD and coach, whoever that may be.

Honestly, I think it depends on who the AD and HC is. As someone else said, if the new HC (if we have one) starts winning, it’ll unite the fanbase rather quickly, but I think some in that 1st group and some in that third group, will do what you said that second group may have done if we get a coach that could be divisive

I see it differently. I see a fan base that is pretty united right now.


We are united in we all want to win. We aren’t united in how that should or can happen, or with who.

We are not a divided fan base. We are a fan base who is sick of losing to schools like Mississippi State. We beat them 11 years in a row a few years back. The Mississippi State saga shows you how important a good coach is. Look at MSU before Dan Mullen. They were a perennial doormat for decades, for the most part. Now they are a solid program despite their limitations.

Each of the three factions may be united but I don’t think the fan base as a whole is. We all may want to win but I think there are different ideas on how we should it and who our leaders should be.

There is concensus that this should be the end the Bielema Era.

Unbelievably to me, there were people on this board who prior to yesterday thought Bielema deserved Year Six. I sure didn’t understand it, but those feelings appear to have subsided.

I’m not sure you’d find any fan base that would agree on who their replacement coach should be.

But I do think this fan base is rather united in looking forward to someone new on the sideline.

Maybe but not completely. And there for sure isn’t unity on who the new coach should be, how they should be chosen, who the new AD should be, or if the previous AD should have been fired, or if there should be games in LR.

Find me a fan base that is 100% united in all things. Heck, some Bama fans are pining for Hurts to sit.

I never said there were any fan bases united in all things. That is a completely different statement that what I am describing. If you think the fan base is so united maybe you should broaden your scope of who you are communicating with. Each person’s bubble of friends may all think the same way but it doesn’t reflect the larger group.

I concede
You win
This fan base is fractured

2009, not trying to argue, I understand what you’re saying and to a point I agree, but I understand where he is coming from also, I’m seeing a lot of disagreements.

To me, disagreements and “fractured” are two totally different things. “Fractured” to me means almost to the point of no repair. I don’t see that at all. I see optimism.

But yall know me. I’m Mr. Glass Half Full :slight_smile:

I get that

There is not a fan base anywhere in college football where 100% of the fans support the coach, not at Rice, Vanderbilt, Clemson or Alabama. It has always been that way just so much more media coverage these days, talk shows, message boards, facebook, you know what everyone wants or is thinking.

I think there are and will always be a group of fans who are wary of change. I thought he might get another year but JL getting fired sealed that. Change doesn’t always mean - for the better.