FPI simulation: Hogs go 5-5

Doesn’t list every game result but notes that the closing loss to Bama would put us 5-5. Wins over Moo U and A&M for sure.

I’ll take 5-5 and run and Sam should be COY if we get there.

At 5-5 Sam should get a Congressional Medal of Honor.

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I don’t know what the FPI is, but it needs a technician or a mechanic to repair it. The thing is broken…
The chance of us going 5-5 is beyond remote.

I don’t think a five-win season is likely, but I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility out of hand.

I can see Arkansas having a chance to win the Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Missouri, Texas A&M and Tennessee games, and I’m guessing those are the five wins in this simulation. It’s doubtful they win all of them, and maybe doubtful they win a majority of those five, but a win in any of those games wouldn’t necessarily surprise me.

Three of those teams have first-year coaches and Texas A&M always seems to overlook Arkansas. It seems to get forgotten that Chad Morris’ teams took the Aggies to the wire the last two years.

I haven’t seen us play this year or even one practice. My thoughts about the prospects for this team are based upon the team last year which was the worst I have seen in my lifetime.

Success this season, to me, is not how many games we win. If we play hard and don’t quit in any game, that will be success enough for me this year. I am going to try to remember that.

I agree with your statement 100 percent. I mentioned something similar about the Georgia game the other day. The final score might be ugly and there still might be several positives Arkansas can take away from the game if it plays hard, is physical and plays with good technique. I think this coaching staff will make the team compete harder.

I tend to think Arkansas’ talent level, although down, wasn’t as far removed from the rest of the SEC as the results might indicate the past couple of years. I think some combination of poor coaching and apathy within the team played into those results. Was Mississippi State 76 points better than Arkansas the past two years? I doubt it, but that’s what the scores reflect.

I am just happy we get to start the re-build now, instead of 2021.

When we do get some positive things going this year, it probably won’t be false hope given the all-conference schedule. When we see guys do good things, we’ll generally know those are real and repeatable against good teams down the line.

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What’s important to note is this is just one simulation our of hundreds/thousands they have done for the season. They will continue to do simulations each week, with the results of the prior weeks included.

Point being, while this is very entertaining reading - it’s also an outlier. As in, not likely to happen.

BUT…it did in this ONE simulation, and it can in this ONE season.

As someone once said…“that’s why they play the games”.

Bring 'em on!

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I don’t drink but will definitely have what they’re Having!! Would be great to see it come to fruition!

That would be so great. Go ahead and build a statue to Sam if that were to happen. Seems unreal to even think it, but I guess it must at least be slightly possible.

Can you say Hog Heaven!

5-5? Start drawing up that contract extension, Hunter.

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