Fox Bracketology - Hogs vs St. John’s

Oh my…
And that bracket could have us facing St Johns, Ark State, Oregon (with our former coach of one day)

I like it!!!

I would HATE that. rooting for the hogs is easy as breathing. rooting AGAINST MIke Anderson…I’m nauseated just thinking about it. I’d rather play anyone else. I hope Mike goes to sweet 16, and we do too.

Ugh, wish you hadn’t even posted that, I feel like Nolan looked after he beat Scott Edgar.

GHG, and Go Mike Go

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DVH doesn’t like playing A&M because he and their coach (Childress) are best friends,

UA-St Johns would be similar. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen.

So what did you do when we played Missouri while CMA was there?

I don’t like it when CMA was at Missouri. I will always support our hogs first answer if the match up with ST Johns takes place I hope we beat them by 20!

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You mean Arkansas-Little Rock

It would be intriguing.

I’m so used to pulling against Mizzou that I focused on that. But pulling against Mike, especially when we had our coach, was not easy.

Now that he’s been our head man, and his wife has been our “first lady” for 8 years, just seems we know him all that much better. Don’t get me wrong, I was thoroughly convinced that it was time for Mike to move on from UA, it was clearly not working and after 8 years there were not many signs that it was ever going to work.

But I just really admire CMA as a man and a mentor of our players. class all the way. In striking contrast to Chad, Bielema, Smile.


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Not sure what happened between my ears there

That would be the worst. Only want to see that matchup in the National Championship game. And let us not forget that all but one of our players that have seen the floor this year, were originally recruited to Arkansas by Mike.

Not sure St Johns will make it. They are currently 12-5, but 1-3 in the Big East. I hope Mike and staff get it turned around, but their conference play started off the way it used to here.

The 3 Big East losses by St John’s were Quad 1 like our Hogs loss to LSU. Only Butler was home.
They got 5 of 7 on road with two home games vs ranked Seton Hall and Villanova. If they dont split with league games rest of way, wrong side of bubble. Mike will wish he had the shooting of Joe, Jones and Sills tomorrow when SJ goes to Hogs NIT victim Providence.
SEC needs to win Big 12 challenge or five teams will be max. Hogs just got to stay ahead of 9 other sec teams to punch ticket. Home wins vs poor NET teams along with win home games vs Kentucky, Auburn, LSU and Tenn gets Hogs great seed.

Yes, SJU will have a tough time making it. Big East is tough and SJU lacks talent. When Chris Mullin left, three top players turned pro, two top recruits decommitted. Mike was able to convince Herron and LJ to not transfer. That was fortunate because those two is all he has and transfer Dunn is just beginning to settle in and might help.

I think SJU started off with a tough schedule. While Arkansas has had A&M, Ole Miss and Vandy in first 4 opponents, SJU started with #3 Butler and then road games at higher ranked Xavier and Georgetown. That is a tough start.

But you are right. They need to turn it around if they want to get in. If they go .500 in the Big East, what is going to help them is 2 Top 25 wins they have had against Arizona and West Virginia. They almost went 3 for 3 when they had late lead on Butler before losing.

BTW, did you see Darious Hall has a good game against Mike, although DePaul lost that game? He looked quite good.

No, didn’t see the game, but doesn’t surprise me that he would have a good game against Mike. Maybe wanting to prove something.

Yeah back to the NIT for Mike. Would be a big deal if they made the final four at MSG.

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