Four leading candidates

Arkansas has targeted Gus Malzahn, Mike Norvell, Chad Morris and Brent Venables to replace Bret Bielema, according to our report today. Here is more: … nsas-list/

It feels like we are after Gus, then Norvell. Then Venables. Isn’t Chad Morris the A+M choice?

Morris might be a Plan B for A&M. They are after Jimbo.

I would never guess how the A&M search will turn out. Jimbo is such a unique person, he’s just not someone you can predict. I’d have a second choice if I was A&M, and it’s likely Morris.

What about B. Petrino as a dark horse for the Aggies . . . that is, if he doesn’t end up at Tennessee?

Either destination scares the hell out of me. Whatever else he is (or isn’t), CBP is a heck of a coach. Given those platforms, I’d expect him to win big. … vember-28/

Who is that “top” booster?

Maybe it’s just me but I’m not impressed with Morris. He has a losing record at SMU in the AAC conference after 3 seasons. Go look up their conference members not impressive at all. He may be a good coach but I want someone who has worked in a tougher conference with success!

Bellhog, we just had a coach from a power 5 conference who went to 3 rose bowls and that didn’t work out to well for us. Don’t sell Chad Morris short. OC at Tulsa after years as a HS coach in Texas, then OC at Clemson for Dabo before striking out to a 1-11 SMU program and has rebuilt it in 3 years. Oh and Gus followed Morris at Tulsa and they run a mirror system.

Thanks for that info. I was curious myself.

The way I understand it, Morris has a direct connection to Malzahn. The story goes that Morris, as a high school coach in Texas, contacted Malzahn about learning his offensive philosophy and Gus obliged. Morris is a Malzahn disciple who still runs Malzahn offense.

Interesting choice of words. But, would a Malzahn disciple appease his flock in NWA? :smiley:

The story is that while a high school coach in Texas, Chad Morris took his staff to Little Rock two weeks in a row to watch Malzahn’s team play in the state semifinals and state finals. He was impressed and eventually was able to convince Malzahn to teach him about some of the concepts. They never coached together.

As a side note about Arkansas candidates and Malzahn ties, he and Norvell were together at Tulsa.

Yes . Gus, Norvell & Morris are all from Graham’s coaching tree. There was a link on another site to an article from Az Central in which Graham is quoted as saying Norvell was his best assistant ever

Is Guys from Graham’s tree or HDN’s tree, since Nutt have him his first college position. And if he is considered from Nutt’s tree, would Gus pull an Updyke and poison that tree. :shock:

How long was Morris at Clemson as O C ?

Yea I could see Tenn folks accepting Petrino’s proven immmoral actions over Schiano’s rumored ones.

Why is Kiffin not a leading candidate? Would rather have him over Norvell or Chad Smith.

Because he has the maturity of a 15 year old.

You’re giving him about 2 years more benefit than I would, but your point is excellent.