Four freshman signees and

walkon Bryson Morehead will report on Friday.

When will the transfers report, RD?

Vance and Jalen have been on campus for a week.

Are you expecting Smith soon? Or does he need a summer course(s) to graduate?

Are they able to play pickup?

Expect him soon.

Not allowed yet.

What are they allowed to do? Apologies if you have already provided this info, RD.

That’s unknown because of the virus. From what I understand, they’re not even close to being able to play pickup ball.

At least not on campus. Trust me, those guys are playing somewhere. Just wish I knew where, because I wanna watch. I could be totally wrong, but I doubt it.

They can come play in my driveway. I won’t tell…

Address? Will send them over.

At least 1 from the women’s team has scrimmaged away from campus. I have direct knowledge of that happening about 2 weeks ago.

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