Foundation Contributions are down.

The economy is booming.

Other than Football, UA’s Athletic Program is performing admirably. Men’s Hoops isn’t where we want to be, but it hasn’t been bad.

Should we be alarmed?

Factor out the donations for the NEZ and get back with me. We went down about $10M after the 2011 season, was that tied to football, no, it was that the previous year had the Reynolds Foundation donation of $10M for the Smith Center. Without knowing the breakdown of “normal” contributions, and those for facilities, it’s just someone making broad statements about final numbers. There will be increases show up for the Walker(baseball) and Tyson(track), assuming it gets built, in their fiscal years. We won’t really know the numbers for “bad” football and tax law changes until the next few years.

I never can figure out what the numbers mean and how they calculate them. And, how they figure members. I do know that there seemed to be some funny stuff going on in how they counted members during the middle years of the Long time. Did they give memberships to new graduates? Then try to get them to renew? It was something weird.

Yeah, looks like my “paper work” I would give to my banker, it works until it doesn’t, haha. I view RF donations as it goes to season ticket sales for football, my uneducated guess looking on my “assignment” date looked like a 5-7% drop from previous years. I guess we’ll eventually get a number through a FOI. I realize they are still selling season tickets and will until week 3 this year, last time I remember hearing a number was from Freet a few years ago.

The change in tax law had to have an impact.

Yes…donations used to be 80% tax deductible and went to 0%.

Yes, but that change was made several years ago. That shouldn’t impact the past 1-2 years.

No, last year is when changes in the law took effect. And I am sure most people did not realize it until they filed their tax returns in April this year.

I think a good majority of contributions come from Arkansans. Another change in tax law impacted Arkansans negatively is the elimination of State tax deduction. That may have had an impact too in making decisions of how to spend hard earned dollars.

I started contributing to women’s basketball this year. While conversing with the Foundation about that, I learned that some were contributing over what was required for their particular seats and members have been adjusting their contribution down to the minimum required over the last few years. That may be another contributing factor.

The economy may be booming (and I think that’s a bit of an overstatement anyway, but I digress), but MY economy wasn’t booming, and that’s why I no longer donate. Plus I now live 1100 miles away and work nights and weekends, so I’m not going to be buying season tickets. I may resume donating next year just to support the program, if my finances have stabilized by then.

Very little, you could donate 3 years worth in Dec. 2017, and those who contribute big money took advantage of it. It takes a lot of $500 donations to equal BMP donors. I’ve switched all my seats to the NEZ, which requires no donation. I’ve kept my RF donation the same and will but it towards basketball/baseball seats.