Found this this weekend going through my

late mother’s things this weekend. Notice the price?

I think an RRS ticket that season was $10. Times have definitely changed.

I was there, but did not save that stub. We lost to Bama.

I was there too, but had a media pass as a photographer. I was a lousy photog but I got a few good shots. I got one of Lou Holtz with Bear Bryant at a pre-bowl presser that Rick Schaeffer used in the next year’s media guide.

I was there, my mom kept the stub for non football reasons.

Prices have changed a bit for sure, 47 Cotton Bowl ticket was $7.50 and a 65 Cotton Bowl Ticket $5.50 never heard of ticket prices going down.

I was at that game too. Don’t have a ticket stub. I was a freshman member of the Marching Razorbacks. We sat in chairs on the field level behind the Razorback bench. Not sure what the Super Dome is like now, but in those days there was a lot of space along the sidelines. We couldn’t see much of anything, so we watched most of the game on the big screen above the field (which by today’s standards, wasn’t very big).

My favorite memory of that trip (I am pretty sure the statute of limitations has run out): We rehearsed on the field after the Alabama band the day before the game. The 'Bama band was really snooty to us and we disliked them all immediately. When we finally got onto the field (their rehearsal ran long, causing us to sit on the buses outside until they finished) we found they had marked “checkpoints” on the turf with little bits of silver duct tape. For the non-Bandies out there, these are key places for certain band members hit during shows to assist with alignment.

So, given the fact that they were rude to us and, well, they were from Alabama, we moved their checkpoints.

We never really could tell if it adversely affected their halftime show, but it was fun to think about.

I remember that we sat on about the 20 yard line, but we were SO SO SO far back from the field! There was so much space from the end of the “bleachers” to the field! Had to watch most of the game on the big screen as well. I had forgotten about that until you posted.