Found out something about UNC

The only time we had played them before last weekend was when we beat them in Omaha in 1989. On the Heels’ roster that year was Vance Honeycutt III. Yes, the current CF’s dad. The Honeycutt family has still never beaten Arkansas either.


That kid is a heck of a baseball player


best player in Super Regional but the ESPN crew mentioned that Honeycutt fact often which was obviously not available to those fortunate enough to be sitting and watching live Not that it matters but comparing Dookie to UNC medical interactions (happens frequently with Vandy) then I can say Dookies amuse me and tar heels impress me

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I can believe that. However, their personnel people seem to be about equal, and that ain’t good. I’ve applied for several PA jobs at both Dook and UNC; neither one generally even acknowledges the application. I did get an email recently informing me that a UNC job which I had applied for in December 2019 was not going to be filled. Only took them 2.5 years to turn me down.

I wrote a little about that last week. Honeycutt’s mother also ran track for UNC.

There were a lot of players from that '89 game who were in Chapel Hill last week.

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