found it interesting..and maybe telling.....

the SEC network…aka Paul Finebaum show interrupts its show today to show the news conference in Knoxville introducing Kellie Harper as the Lady Vols Basketball coach.yet when Musselman was introduced Monday…it was only carried on the SEC+Network.think it sends a message that any announcement other than one from Arkansas gets precedence.feel like we(the University)is still treated like a step child by the conference…still talking Alabama football and Kentucky basketball as if nothing else matters

Kellie who?

Finebaum is from Memphis and a UT grad. :sunglasses:

New Lady Vols basketball coach

Well we are comparing Arkansas to sports to Tennessee . That’s a no brainer yes , its womens basketball . But it happens to be a storied program. Lets quit crying about our national perception , when football and basketball have been average at best. Most fans dont care outside the state we are like Vanderbilt in our state. Who cares. Lets win on court or field and change that.

Agreed to a point.

Get in done on the field and court. Give them something positive to talk about like baseball.

But Arkansas is not like Vanderbilt in terms of its place in the state.

Arkansas is first in its state. Vandy is at best third.

Never heard of her, and it was a joke, btw. lol

But he is Bama through and through now…