Found an interesting box score at the NCAA site today

A story on the highest scoring games in Dance history. We’re fourth on the list with our 120-101 win over Loyola Marymount in 1989 (used up our legs in that track meet and had nothing left for the second round against Louisville).

But the story also included the box scores of the top five games. I remembered that we shot a high percentage that day in Indianapolis (58%). What I didn’t remember is that we only made two 3’s to score 120. Of course with LMU’s intentional lack of defense, it was a 40-minute layup drill. Mario Credit was 14 of 21 and scored 34 points. Lenzie Howell scored 27. Our two threes? By a couple of freshmen named Mayberry and Day. Hank Gathers scored 28. A year later he would be dead.

One of the more interesting games I have ever watched

Yeah, I watched that game from the copy desk of the Arkansas Gazette. Left LR the next morning to drive to Indianapolis and was sitting courtside at the Hoosierdome on Saturday afternoon for the Louisville game. It was spitting snow in downtown Indy that day, and pretty darn cold inside as well. The fans that kept the fabric roof inflated also served as pretty good air conditioning on a cold day in March.

One other note I remember from editing the game stories of the LMU game. Lee Mayberry was selected by the NCAA for a postgame drug test, which required peeing in a cup. It took him about 90 minutes of drinking Gatorade to get enough out of his kidneys to take the drug test; he was that dehydrated from going up and down the floor.

I went back to the box score to figure the number of possessions. We had 60 yesterday against EOE-K. We had 102 against LMU. No wonder Lee was dehydrated.