Found a reason to root for Malik Monk

Yes, Austin Reaves signed a two-way contract with the Lakers.

Which means he will likely start at their G-League affiliate, but could be called up if any of their guys aren’t able to get a pass out that day from the nursing home.

This Newport guy is very proud of the young man from Newark.

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I guess you missed the LOL in my post.

It’s very hard for me to crack on my Lakers, but like many Laker fans, LeBron wearing the Purple and Gold just looks like an imposter to me. He will never be loved and embraced like Kobe. He hasn’t earned that distinction, and he never will.

Indeed I did.

But my point stands.

Easily the least likable roster in the NBA now

I have a question for you, DD. Have there ever been roster additions to the Celtics that made you check your fandom for a bit? It really pains me to not pull for the Lakers, but I just can’t root for this squad. Would you root as hard for the Celtics if they had LeBron? You should know that I despise Ray Allen and Paul Pierce, but I always wished I could have seen Kobe and KG together. Just asking. I still hate the Celtics.

My grandparents are from Newark/Magness. I like to see it too. He was good in college.

Ironically Danny Ainge, who started his NBA career with the Celtics, but I had a dislike for him when he was at BYU.

Took no pleasure in him being a Celtic and kept hoping he would get traded.

And…Ainge was traded to Sacramento for Joe Kleine in 1989. It was a joyous day in the Dawson household.

If LeBron or Russell came to the Celtics, I would likely shift my allegiance to Memphis

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You can hate a team organization and Respect the player. In the early 80’s I hated the Celtics because I was a kid in Inglewood, CA.

I hated Chicago in the early 90’s and the Lakers during the Kobe/Shaq era. Today I respect and love & respect each one of those player’s that made those organizations Champions

Lebron reminds me of Muhammad Ali in that he was SO FREAKING DOMINANT that hating his political views in a attempt to ignore his legacy will fail miserably.

Just appreciate the talent and use all that venom towards the University of Texas.

My distaste of LeBron has nothing to do with his basketball ability (which I obviously greatly respect) or his political views, of which I agree on more than not. I admire what he has done in terms of education funding.

I just haven’t liked his personality since I first met him when he was in the eighth grade and watching the Nike All-American Camp in Indianapolis


You should have went and got the kid a drink Dudley lol.

For those of you who don’t know the story, LeBron showed up at the Nike All-American Camp going into the ninth grade with full entourage already in tow.

He was not involved in the camp, just being wooed already by NIke.

They came in and sit down in the stands near me.

Later, LeBron turned to me as I was watching Arkansas prospects and said 'if you are not doing anything, could you go get me a soda?"

I looked at him and said “I am busy and no I won’t be going to go get you a soda.”

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Things haven’t changed much. He is running the NBA now and expects the league to go get him a soda.

This should be an interesting experiment with Russell Westbrook this year. Westbrook is making $40,000,000 to be the Laker point guard, so it could be a lot of fun to see what happens when Russ won’t pass the ball to Chrysler LeBaron.

My wife and daughter were teaching in the Rogers district. There was an event at Bentonville High School that was touted as a clinic with LeBron as the featured attraction. He was getting paid by Walmart (or a vendor) to do so many of these clinics. Teachers and a few students were the audience. The gym was packed. He came in bounced a ball a couple of times and left. It was sad to the point of being embarrassing for the people in attendance and also those who had paid him. I guess he got his check. After that, no one in my family has appreciated anything that dude has done and I have not cared for the teams he played for. He’s a great player, but not a great person, unless he’s changed quite a bit.

Again, I am not spending much time watching NBA games. Yes, I watched some of the final to see how Bobby Portis was going to fare. He was fun to watch, but I my record of not watching an entire NBA Game (in probably 30 years) remains intact.


I’ve not watched an entire NBA game sine Sid played. And in the last 5 years zero time watching. It just does not interest me.

Seems like the last NBA game I watched more than 5 minutes of was probably the final playoff game of the 1987 season. A girl I was flirting with wanted to watch it if I recall (and no, we never went out :slight_smile: )

Another reason to hate the Lakers. I have way to many. Westbrook adds to the list. My Granddaughter’s favorite player but I won’t buy her a jersey. Told her to wait until he left and they went on clearance. That was 4 teams ago😁

If we win the NBA Championship, it is going to be more fun than I thought it was going to be.

We! You must have a mouse in your pocket!

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Wish I could agree with you, PJ, but LeBron is not a true Laker. There are a lot of reasons I don’t like him, but chief among them is he couldn’t be bothered to be there to support Vanessa at Kobe’s memorial. And then to say he wanted HIS “damn respect” without even mentioning Kobe after The Lakers won the 2020 title…disgraceful. LeBron only cares about LeBron. He is a fraud who will never be the GOAT. He is just bigger and more athletic than everyone else. He is nowhere near as skilled as Kobe or MJ. The fans in LA will NEVER love him like they loved Kobe. He is just a hired gun at this point…just goes ring chasing on super teams. And I have nothing more to say about Monk, because he warrants no more conversation. I only wish Jordan would have punched him instead of slapping him.

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