Found a reason to root for Malik Monk

He has signed with my Lakers

I treat that news just like I treated the news that he had signed with the Jellycats. :face_vomiting:


Never, ever. Let me repeat myself, never, ever. Doesn’t matter who he signs with. Never, ever.


He is from KY now. He could be filipin burgers for all I care.
His entrance song, 'Back Stabber".

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I thought Rick Fires made an interesting observation yesterday. The Lakers now have two players under contract from small towns in Northeast Arkansas — Monk from Lepanto and Austin Reaves from Newark.

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Role players is what Lakers need. Two from Arkansas. Loving it.

First Westbrook, now Monk.

I didn’t need any other reasons to dislike the Lakers before these 2 additions… now it’s easy for me.

I have been a Laker fan my whole life, but I’m sick of LeBron, and I wouldn’t pee on Monk if he was on fire. Nobody loved Kobe more than me, but I think I’m switching to the Warriors and Bucks.


Same thoughts here. I will never root for the Lakers again until Lebron is gone. I have been a Lakers fan for 40 years. Just like a certain Olympic soccer team, I hope they lose every game. Monk doesn’t even exist to me anymore. It’s great that he can make a living doing what he loves but I will never support him.

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There is nothing better than when your team wins and ruins the day or week for the haters. Victory is even sweeter. LOL.


I rooted for Lebron in Cleveland, Not in Miami and not in Los Angeles. I’m glad he got a title for the Cavs. Which is the only one of his titles I liked.

Beefhog, if you’re expecting athletes to agree with you, you’re gonna hate a lot more teams than one soccer team.


Good way to lose friends PJ . Lol

Yeah. Know what you mean. At least sports hasn’t reached the situation in politics where two people from different parties have trouble staying close friends. Not yet anyway,

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I’ve never been a Lakers fan. But I don’t spend a lot of time on the NBA. Something unusual has to be going on for me to watch even one quarter of an NBA game. And for me to watch an entire game? Well, I don’t think it’s ever happened.

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I don’t either, especially the regular season. My only exceptions in the regular season, was if a team with Bobby, or another Razorback player, on it was being shown on ESPN or TNT. I recorded it and watched it later using a lot of fast forwarding.

However, this season, I watched every game of the NBA finals because of Bobby. And also several Bucks games preceding the finals. This next season, I’ll watch some of Golden Sate and Bucks games. Especially once the play-offs start, if they are in it.

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This Laker roster is so old, I half expect them to show up en masse at Golden Corral after 1 PM. :rofl:


Yes. The physio needs to be on his game next season.

Even Sister Jean thinks they are a little long in the tooth, lol.

There’s a lot of players that the Lakers have now among the ones I dislike most in the NBA.

Works for me.

The chaos is going to be so entertaining to watch.

And PJ, fans’ hatred has nothing to do with the Lakers winning.

Y’alll did get the title during the bubble, but there was certainly no jealousy during the 2013-2019 spree of your guys missing the playoffs.


Dudley, didn’t the Newark kid from OU get a free agent deal with the Lakers?