fouls and Hall, and the 4

posters can disagree on Anderson’s style of basketball, his offense, his defense, etc. it works at times, at times it doesn’t. His style is not going to change so like aunt Bee’s pickles, gotta learn to love it.

But the thing that frustrates me most is how much we foul. Not sure that is all on Anderson. I don’t know if he teaches all the slapping, but our players foul a lot. i don’t mind the in your face defense, in fact i like seeing half court pressure. But we have a reputation of fouling a lot. The refs know it. There was one possession by Missouri where we had 3 fouls on one of their possessions. Started with Cook. He might have had two fouls on one possession. One late in the shot clock way away from the basket. Frustrates me to no end. Then we foul three point shooters, another frustration. I wish our guys would use their feet more. don’t mind a slap foul so much when a guy is driving for a sure basket, but its all these way away from the basket fouls, the trap fouls in either half court of full court press fouls. Seems our guys go stupid at times. and i think this reputation hurts us at tourney time. I’m positive refs know each teams reputation.

Second topic is Hall. HE looks to me like he has hit the freshman wall. He did not have a good last few games. his shot is off, he has caught the fouling disease. i really like him as a player but he is not helping offensively right now, somehow we need to get him on track. 6 to 8 points a game, good defense, good rebounding is what we need from him.

lastly the 4 position. i know Anderson is frustrated by our forwards. one game its thomas, then cook, or maybe bailey, then gabe. Cook plays his best game senior night, played horribly last night. Bailey no where to be found yesterday. Thomas played ok, not great, but we need rebounds and defense from this position, and an occasional basket or 4. i don’t know how Anderson decides who to play how many minutes at this position. They are so inconsistent on both ends of the court. lots of fouls from this position also seems to me, i have no stats to back that up but just watching you are just praying one of them steps up each game.

Honest opinion:

I do question some of our fouling. If we get caught in a bad switch and a guard has an open layup, instead of letting him get it, we foul him after he already puts the shot up. Irritates me to no end. Even our SR’s do it.

Now, as for Cook. That first foul he got on the one possession 4 fouls, was something that our guards were doing, and their guards were doing, and their bigs were doing. The refs just called it on Cook. He tends to get a lot of quick fouls. I think some of the fouls you see aren’t fouls, but anticipation fouls, because we are “fouling” so much.

Hall, got frustrated yesterday with the officials. That’s a freshman thing. I know at least three times he was in position for a rebound and was mugged by Tilmon or Puryear. On one of them he was called for the foul. I think that played a part in yesterday’s “bad” performance by him. He seemed to back off for fear of being called instead of continuing to play as he was a few weeks ago. JMO

Someone mentioned this on another board. We have issues with guys that have multiple inside presences. Thomas is not 6’8 he is 6’7 but gets the benefit of both shoes and fudging the height measurements. Look at other 6’8 guys in our league, he is noticeably shorter. Cook just never seemed to turn the JUCO corner. Don’t know how much, his suspension played into that. Bailey is only 6’6, so is Hall. They should be playing the 3. I hate saying “wait until next year”, but you actually have a 6’7 CF that’s very, very comfortable playing on the perimeter and who crashes the boards. You have a legitimate 6’8 guy who loves to play around the basket and gets to the boards, and you have another guy (depending on which recruiting site you look at) is 6’9 and super athletic. If Gafford returns we could make a deeper run next year around March than we will this year because of the size and athleticism of next year’s team

Very good post. The fouling frustrates me as well. This group of players just don’t trust each other on defense. They foul when the offensive player gains an advantage in most cases instead of trusting a teammate rotate and cover the offensive player. For example, there is no reason for Thomas to foul on certain plays when he knows Gafford is back there to cover for him.

Regarding Hall, I think it is more about freshman inconsistency than hitting a wall. He has not played enough like Gafford to hit a wall.

You nailed it on the 4 position.

To me, a lot of the fouls, and there are a lot of them, occur because the defensive coverage fails. People don’t switch properly, and are thus out of defensive position. At times they look completely lost as to whom they are supposed to switch to. They just seem slow to react and thus the shooter has the advantage. We then are caught trying to catch up or defend at a disadvantage and end up fouling.
Not blocking out for rebounds too often leaves us out of position and we end up fouling.
To me, it just goes back to not playing sound defense and maintaining focus. I’m not saying the effort isn’t there, though sometimes it looks that way, but losing focus and being out of position results in a lot of catch up and fouling.
The refs have a play in this as well. It shouldn’t, at times, seem to be so one sided.

Good guards can wreck our trapping man with drives or passes. We don’t have cat quick guards like Clint McDaniel and Robert Shepherd to trap and switch. The rule change of no hand checking from 20 years ago has hurt this style as well as the cylinder rule this year. Sadly it looks like our players must be allowed to put hands on the ball handler in practice because it shows up in every game.