Foul trouble already

we cannot afford against TT. 3 men with 2 fouls. Hopefully they don’t get another this half.

Yeah and one of my pet peeves is having Gafford out there trying to guard people on the 3-point line he picks up more fouls that way makes no sense whatsoever…

That second foul on Gafford was a horrible call.
What concerns me is how Harris continues to drive in and get blocked instead of putting the ball up from just inside of the free throw line. The turnovers are there but we don’t take advantage of them. Forcing passed down inside and turning the ball over inside of making the right pass to the corner. We are lucky to be close right now.
Just like there transition and Gabe take the ball out of bounds on the dribble. Senseless. Pure stupid.

Gabe making his presence felt he runs over a player and gets called for the foul while Joe drains a 3 that won’t count.

After shocking everyone with a made 3 pointer, Gabe just makes turnover after turnover.

I learned you just gotta let Gabe, be Gabe. He’s going to do one amazing play, then 2 plays later do one of the most head scratching plays you’ve ever seen. But, he’s playing well. So is Adrio, he’s stepping up in a big game for us.

That’s his DNA. What he does positive he triples with stupid mistakes! No idea what the score would be if they can get shots off without the turnovers.

Well it’s not from lack of effort. Who knows he may make the the game winner today. Lord help us if it comes down to that, lol.

I hate to see him touch the ball! I will forget the thought of the game being on the line and the ball being in Gabe’s hands.

It not only Gafford it happen to Kingsley also, don’t understand why. WPS

I also hate seeing the big men outside when they should be inside blocking shots and rebounding.

Yes, get the fouls on TT early this half. But make more FT’s dang it.

This is just horrible. I’d like to see Chaney in the game. Harris is Mr Turnover tonight.
Drive and kick and walk.

Jimmy Dykes and his side kick just said whil 0 from aTT was shooting free throws they called him Desi Sills. What a joke!

When you allow a team to shoot above 50% from m the field your in bad shape. We give them wide open looks. Let the ball handler go between 3 hogs with the shot clock down below 4 and wide open to the rim. Gabe is getting his minutes! What a surprise!

Above 50% from 3 pt land at that.