Foul ball killed Dodgers fan last season

MLB mandated extended netting as a safety measure, but she was sitting beyond the required protection when a ball struck her head.

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Haven’t been to Baum-Walker in a couple of years. but if they haven’t put more netting up they should.

The netting at Arkansas is the same as in the major leagues, to the end of each dugout. It was extended about two or three years ago.

I think they should adopt the Japanese rule where there are screens from foul pole to foul pole. You don’t need much down the lines, maybe 5-10 feet. Yeah it would keep fielders from pulling foul pops out of the first row, but it’s worth it to protect some kid or elderly lady like this one in LA from serious injury or worse. I’ve sat down the lines at BWS and had some absolute screamers come my way. (I believe I’m now the first to refer to Baum as BWS).