Anyone know the details about Foucha’s academic transfer issues? I can’t recall, was he at UA for spring semester? I hope it didn’t have anything to do with academic eligibility for last season.

Brian Kelly said some of his credits from UA didn’t transfer and that’s why he’s ineligible. They have appealed. Greg Brooks’ credits were okay though.

Bob wrote about it today:

Smells fishy

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Agree Bayou!

I just don’t understand what could be so bad that he was suspended, I’m guessing by the SEC, since the school is appealing. Did he falsify a record? If he didn’t qualify because of grades, then it would be an eligibility issue, not a suspension. A suspension implies a punishment for the player because he did something that broke a rule. The way the articles are written it makes it look like Arkansas standards don’t pass the LSU standards test. I don’t think that is the case.

My guess is, without the hours that Kelly said didn’t transfer from UA, he didn’t meet the progress-toward-a-degree requirement. Which is an NCAA deal.

I looked up the NCAA rule. It requires that by the end of the third year (Foucha spent 3 years at UA), a player must be 60% of the way toward the degree. If he lost enough hours in transfer not to be at 60%, there you go.

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Wouldn’t that be an eligibility issue for the entire semester? How would that qualify for a suspension that allows him to play later this season?

That, I don’t know.

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I smell a possible kerfuffle brewing regarding academic standards between the University of Arkansas and the Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College (official school names).

Hope not.

Having attended six different universities* at various times and shipped credits all over the place, I can attest that sometimes credits don’t transfer. It has nothing to do with academic quality or standards on either end. If you take Physics for Architects at UA (I took that back in the day, and it still appears on the UA catalog), and LSU doesn’t have a very similar course, it ain’t gonna transfer. Or go toward the 60% progress toward a degree that Foucha apparently needed.

  • – In order, UA, Tulsa, UALR, Lamar, EOE-Austin for one class, EOE-Galveston. As I recall, I lost hours going from grad school at Tulsa to grad school at UALR.

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