Foucha Transfer

What the heck? Isn’t he a team captain?

Yes, he is. I am pretty surprised by that. I thought if he left it would be for the draft.

I know there’s no way to know, yet, but I would assume LSU.

Weird deal.

Yeah judging by the way he was talking after the game the look in his eyes made me think he was coming back…you have no idea what these kids are thinking nowadays so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised… I guess on the positive side hopefully Rowser the prize recruit see that he has a chance to come in and help immediately

This is what I have been saying — Bama, LSU, etc……pass on some 3/4 stars, we develop them and then they leave us for Bama, LSU, etc……

The rich get richer.

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Greg Brooks next?

Don’t think Rowser is signing

Has he signed? Plus if he does, he is not coming in until summer or later. This one doesn’t bode well for Pittman’s staff communications with players.

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We’ll see. So far the new system has helped us tons more than it has hurt us, on balance. The transfer rules and NIL go against the decades-long status quo that had catered to the blue bloods.

The portal has allowed their discontented to leave. And, NIL has brought the quiet parts of the business to the forefront. Both those things seem to help us, so far.

Any reason for his transfer? We are losing some good players. I could understand going pro but lateral move to another team is surprising. I would assume that the Arkansas coaching staff & positive outlook of the program would encourage player retention.

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That…is concerning. We know it isn’t because of playing time.

Here are my thoughts. Numbers are tight this year. Foucha was a senior. In a normal year, we would have lost him anyways. Are we positive he was offered a Covid senior year here? Jayden Johnson played well and they are excited about him. Catalon is back. Slusher played well. I think we had plenty of guys at his position, and with numbers being tight, they couldn’t offer everyone a Covid year. So it’s possible he thinks he could improve his draft stock by staying another year in college. Just my thoughts.

Johnson doesn’t compare to Fouche, at least not yet, and when another DB enters the portal, it could become clearer what the issue might be. I think Johnson is going to be a LB, he doesn’t have the foot speed of Fouche, who wasn’t a burner himself.


Rumblings sound like there’s friction with Sam Carter and some players.

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Total guess but:

He’s a NOLA guy. They’re way down and needing quick fixes. Maybe they got in his ear—sorta like the Mike Woods deal except different because of the hometown deal.

Just a guess—but that (or some kind of a family issue—are the only things that would immediately make sense to me.

The portal giveth and the portal taketh. Today’s reality.

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I wonder if NIL is a factor in some of these portal decisions. Arkansas football is on the upswing but it is kind of a “small market” school when compared to the Bamas, OUs, even LSU, etc. A star player here can earn some decent pocket change, but star players at these “big market” schools can earn a bigger chunk of change I’m sure.

Is NIL going to make college football more in line with the pros? Every year the better players jump to where they think they can get a better payout (legally)?

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Yeah I have my doubts too to be honest with you.
Would be a pleasant surprise if he did especially now

Been getting a bunch of messages on this in the last hour. Sounds bad, full blown mutiny and without changes you are about to see more than just one more jumping ship.


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Maybe. But, the reason I think it helps is that it levels the playing field. Because a blue blood may have some more $—but that’s not the only thing of value.

Playing time is very valuable. We have seen Bama and others come into Arkansas, get players and then have them languishing 4th string.

I don’t think players will sit around and become non-playing upperclassmen, anymore.

We shall see, but I think it helps us, overall. The results, so far, seem to bear that our.

Then again, everything eventually seems to primarily benefit the blue bloods. So, you may be right.