Foucha at FS

No freshman was talked about more in Fall Camp than Joe Foucha. Given his hype you’d think we have the rare true freshman difference maker ready to hit the field.

To me Santos Ramirez has been a weak link - poor in coverage, poor tackler, etc… he just isn’t that great.

I see that Foucha is his backup on the depth chart… given all of the hype about Joe when can we expect to see him given a chance to improve what has been, yet again, subpar FS play? When will we give the kid with more ability the chance to prove himself given the old player has obviously hit his ceiling and it’s not a high one?

I’m ready to see something different at FS for sure

It’s time.

Santos is a lost cause and has been for years.
He’s not good.

Let the freshman get the experience so he’s ready for next year.

I know he played against North Texas but how much I don’t know. He’s got 2 solo tackles, an assisted tackle and a pass breakup in the two games he’s played (he apparently didn’t play at Colorado State). Hope he’s the answer sooner and not later at free safety, though I have doubts that Ramirez will be replaced because of his experience, no matter how good or bad that may be. Ramirez may see less time, though, as the coaches begin to work in Fourcha.

I agree Santos is just too poor of a tackler to be a good safety in this league and the sad part about it is the coaches identified him as a player they can’t afford to lose smh… his whole career he’s been a duck your head, throw your body at em without wrapping up tackler, it’s just poor technique that I’m sure he wasn’t coached to do. The coaching staff is highly questionable and has been that way for me every since it was annouced we hired SMU’s 7 win coach. I wish I could say that the future looks bright but then I would only be playing politics.

not only was he so highly recruited and arrived in great shape, but also Ramirez plays so poorly.

Really hope we see more and more of Foucha as the season goes on, then 3 years starting.

I really miss the safety play that we enjoyed for so many years, and has been so lacking the last several years.


Foucha has worked primarily at strong safety in preseason and in earlier this season. If he’s going to play free safety, then that’s new of late.

It’s listed that way on depth chart, but those have not been particularly accurate.