Forward Jeantal Cylla

Nothing earth shattering but he will arrive on Friday for the start of his official visit.

Richard or Dudley. Any rumors of current players transferring? I know the “numbers will work out”, but just curious on your take since we are bringing in so many grad transfers for visits. I think Cylla and Grayer are Hogs, so that leaves 1 more spot.

If we were to hit the lottery and get Sy or Blackshear, and Proctor then decisions will have to be made.


No one needs to leave if Garland is put on a medical hardship. Muss has said he’s looking to sign three.

I hear ya, but I’m thinking outside of the box if there guys that are almost to good to turn down (for instance the Figurioa kid).

I think there can be some movement yes. I won’t ever name a kid until he leaves. Especially any rumors.

I am with you on this RD but do have this hunch we will see some movement/changes. I think Coach Musselman wants to get this team to the tourney next year and to do so will have to make some changes/improvements in certain areas I feel on the roster to try and make it happen. I feel he is going to be aggressive in upgrading this team and quickly. Just a hunch but we shall see how it plays out. Maybe nothing at all happens.

FWIW, not expecting any other official visitor other than Jeantal this weekend.

Would be nice to land Mr. Cylla and have him get this thing rolling.

RD do you expect that all the current GT’s that are scheduled to visit do have commitable offers?

I will be surprised if Cylla does not become a Hog.

Don’t think I could give you a solid answer right now.

Why is Garland still on the team?

I was told that Khalil Garland was likely to go on medical hardship after this season.

But to this point, I have not heard anything official.

I have heard nothing valid to indicate anybody else besides KES is transferring

FWIW, Cylla is on campus.

Are you saying he should be dismissed from the team in the middle of the school year?

Hope he likes what he sees.

Yes, he’s been on the team 2 Years - time for him to go


FWIW, Cylla is on campus.

[/quote]. Richard, have you heard how his visit is going so so far?

Got him! He committed.

W P S :boar: