Forum is so complicated

Why is it so difficult to post a comment on a thread? I mean I just wanna read the article and be able to comment fast and simple. To comment do I have to start a new forum Abt the topic I wanna talk Abt? If so you have to do a lot of searching on this page to find what you are wanting to discuss. I can’t even find where anyone is talking Abt bumper pool and Conner noland, and that should be a hot topic, please go back or make is easierto comment on a certain topic.

You just hit post rely, type and then submit.

Also in the red line above there are categories to help - my posts, new posts, unread post, unanswered posts, active topics

When I’m Reading a article I select join this discussion or start a forum, then it’s send me to I have no clue where.

And what is this red line ur talking Abt?

There is the Wholehog Sports banner up top.
Then it lists the sports underneath that.
And then there is a red line with the aforementioned topic lists.

If that’s not on your screen then that is a big issue

I see what you mean. I will pass it along.

I think many of the previous active participants have left the site, as I don’t see their quotes popping up. Richard’s article about Bumper and Conner is showing 0 comments with about 40 views.

One big difference from the old HI and WH site, is the amount of boards. Traffic over the weekend was huge.

The old way is better!! I will be leaving at the end of this month.

I am hardly a computer genius, but I don’t see anything complicated about the board at all. I think these boards are better than the old HI boards. I really like how easy it is to flip through unread posts, for example.

I also am a bit puzzled by where some of these posters came from that are so unhappy about the board. Either they were on the old HI board and never posted over there, changed their user name during the switch, or were on some of the pre-HI boards. A lot of them seem to have about five posts, and those are mainly complaints. I wonder why they are not contacting admins directly if they’ve got a beef.

nlr, the newly angry posters were those who used to reply to articles on WHS. Apparently there was some sort of forum for those posts. The reply to article feature was turned off and those who wish to reply were referred to these forums. Many of them are upset about how difficult it is to reply to a particular article.

So your complaining about people complaining about navigating the board.

If by complaining you mean commenting on people coming out of the woodwork solely to gripe about the board, then yes, I am. I really was thinking more along the lines of Butch asking Sundance “Who are these guys?”

I also said I like the board, but mentioning that part of the post really did not help you make your point, did it?

Here is what I think is going on and my way of trying to help:

The comments section at the bottom of the articles was turned off. There were a lot of posters who only used this comment section for their “discussions”. They had to use a platform called Disques to comment, so they were not actually logged into this section of the board. To comment on the articles they are now directed to this forum and are not savvy in its use, so they have to struggle thru a learning curve. Posting a comment on the article was quick and easy, now they have to navigate the forums to find a place to post about the articles.

My advice to these users: the moderators of the board will typically start a thread topic in one or more of the forums by posting a LINK to each new article. If you will find the article you wish to comment on in these pre-existing threads, you can then post a reply in the thread. If you cannot find a thread on the topic you wish to opine upon, you are free to start a new one.

When posting, you can do a straight reply that will have only your comment in the post, or you can “quote” the poster to whom you wish to reply, but clicking on the " mark button in the top right side of his/her comment/post. Then the quote you are addressing will appear with yours, so that others can follow what and who you are addressing.

I hope this helps. I am not an expert, I just think I have an idea as to why you guys are complaining. Well, all except PetrinoFan… he is just on the wrong board and needs MudvilleSwine to give him some slowBOB directions to the Lah’ville board and their next game. :lol:

Well done, RamblinRazorWreck!

I am going to make a GUESS as to what the issue is for some people. You were used to reading a ARTICLE and then posting beneath that article your comments on that article. Is that correct?

ASSUMING that is the case, what you have now is a “Board” that has lots of discussions. Most of the discussions are not even generated from a particular article.

I don’t “get here” by reading an article on WHS and clicking the “want to discuss this” (or whatever) link. I come the the Board. I will see a thread topic on the board that tells me there is an article. I can click on that link and it takes me to the article itself. If I want to discuss that article I comment in the thread (topic if you will) that gave me the link. Not directly under the article. Since I came here first, then saw the link to the article, it isn’t confusing to me where to post. I get it that it would be if I went to an article FIRST, clicked the link and was just taken to the Board in general. “Where is the discussion about Richards article on that linebacker from ______?” (Just an example). I think the fix is to have the link that says “want to discuss this” take you to the specific thread about the article instead of the Board in general.

Maybe it already does (I never click on that since I started at the Board anyway). If it does that already, I don’t know what is confusing.

If there are no longer comments below articles on WholeHogSports and those folks that normally post in those comments sections come to this board, we are in for a treat. There’s a couple of guys over there that are tuned in to Hog Sports and their comments are as enjoyable to read as Jeff’s and Larry’s.

But, how do they comment on the premium board without membership? Surely they cannot, and they most post their comments on Hawg Lounge, either starting their own thread or contributing to another thread–for free. If they do, I hope they maintain the same moniker they used under WHS.

Aw gee! I just realized that unless they are the OP their moniker will not show up if they just contribute to a thread, and I will not know whether they have posted when I peruse the “New Posts” (unless they are the last poster in a thread). That’s a major disappointment of this new format which was a strength of the old classic view.

There were guys on WH that had either an online or newspaper subscription.

I have a subscription. And you may not knw, but WHS use to be free to read all articles. There gonna be negative poster on every brd, I just ignore them because they feed off l people that replied to them.

But weren’t there guys that had no subscription that had access to your stories and could comment? I’m thinking of NC 123 or NCar123 or whoever he is by moniker–I cannot go back and see which guys I’m thinking about since they’ve been taken down.

So far as I know, they haven’t posted over here, yet.