But not for his play, I think LSU wins 20-3 or worse.

Sorry if this has been discussed, but can he come back next year to back up a healthy KJ ? Or is he gone ?

He has another year of eligibility if he wants it. He redshirted the 2019 season and has the bonus covid year.


Good play in a BIG game in the SEC, may have been noticed by a HC who will need a QB next year. If KJ is back, pretty sure he is unless he wants to transfer, I would look for Fortin to go where he can play.

Good to hear…I was wondering the same thing. I am betting KJ comes back and MH leaves, so, important to get Fortin back. (PS: I don’t want MH to leave)

Shame of it is if you watch the replay of Perkins knocking the ball forward from behind is if you look downfield we had a receiver open deep and he was looking there…think it was Landers streaking up the left hand side…

4-10 4 Heisman 23. You read it here first.

where will 4-10 be playing to earn his Heisman/

He came in and immediately started hitting some short stuff and that opened up the long play. I like the kid. If KJ can’t play on Saturday, I hope it is him. I’m over the MH experiment.


At Arkansas if he expects me to promote him!

Here are the PFF grades for Arkansas’ offense vs. LSU. Fortin performed pretty well when called on.

Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 8.04.59 PM

Other than Stromberg, those O-line grades are nothing to write home about.