Fort Wayne

They lost to Illinois St by 18 last night. Ugh.

UTA lost at Florida Gulf Coast

These type of teams play bunch of road games at this time of the year for financial reasons. This was their third game in five days and this one was on the road like the first one at Arkansas. Wonder if that played a role.

FWIW, and in mid-November that isn’t much, Sagarin has Hogs ranked #38 at this early date. SOS is #215. That will likely improve Friday after UTA (#149). IPFW is #122.

Kenpom has us #49; 44th in adjusted offense, 52nd in adjusted defense, SOS 234th. Not too bad. At the end of last season, offense was 77th, defense was 90th, but SOS was 67th. And we were 73rd – and staying home. (He has UTA #82, which will be another SOS bump).

Again, though, there aren’t many data points yet for any of these computer ratings. For that reason, you pretty much have to wait until Christmas for them to make much sense.


FWIW Illinois St. is one of the best mid-majors in the country.

IllState is #81 at KenPom this morning, one spot ahead of UT-Arlington, and #62 by Sagarin. We slipped one place to #50 today at KenPom, by the way, and moved up to #37 on Sagarin.