Fort Wayne upsets No. 1 Indiana in OT, 71-68

The same Fort Wayne team that Arkansas beat 92-83 to start the season.

It was Indiana’s first road game this season.

The Hoosiers didn’t shoot the ball well and had double Fort Wayne’s turnovers.

Life on the road is tough

One thing I have noticed is that our road problems always seem to be pointed out. And, that’s fair. What I don’t see pointed out by the talking heads is that year in and year out the toughest major sport to win a road game in is basketball.

It’s tougher than CFB, NBA, NFL, etc.

And, we have to find a way to win a handful. But, the truth is only the very best teams routinely win more than they lose on the road.

The common denominators are usually foul/FT disparity, more turnovers (no calls) and poor shooting.

There’s no excuse for how we played tonight. But, the level of shock and dismay is disproportionate to what actually happened.

It was the first road game against a decent team and we have 8 new guys. I wanted to win and thought we might, but the people making value judgments based on it are going overboard.

IU was #3 in one poll, #5 in the other, but still, a highly ranked team.

Arkansas State managed to survive that road-game issue at Georgetown. Guess that was a bloomin’ miracle.

I don’t want to see people circle around and rationalize why Arkansas played horribly at Minnesota last night. Arkansas tries to run its “system.” Opponents make specific preparations to take away the Hogs’ shooters, attack their rebounding weakness, run plays the Hogs won’t defend well.

Early in a season, Arkansas looks unprepared because it is unprepared. Needs many games to get to full speed, because of the nature of the way MA runs this system. If the players are not good enough to overcome opponents’ preparations, Arkansas is going to lose games like this in November.

If this results in a better team come January, great, but it’s never going to be easy to stomach watching the Razorbacks play like that. It’s disheartening to watch one guy step in and take a rebound away from four Razorbacks who had superior position. And the Hogs had no excuse for turning over the basketball 21 times. None.

Nothing made the Hogs turn it over 21 times, but themselves. Minnesota doesn’t even try to force turnovers. They were just there, maintaining good shot-denial position and cutting off drives when they could.

Goodness gracious, Minnesota could barely handle the basketball themselves half the time, but the Hogs could not muster enough defensive pressure to take advantage of it.

Really good points…hopefully, Hogs will improve and run the “system” effectively.