Formula to win today

Pretty simple. And much easier said than done.

  1. Limit turnovers. This is by far the #1 factor. We start throwing it away, we have a major problem
  2. Lower their 3 pt percentage.
  3. Nick and Ricky have to play well along with AB, who has been pretty consistent. We need all of these.
  5. And for my final stat, the Hogs are now 32-3 in the Muss era (I am pretty sure on that) when we shoot at least 20 FTs and make them at 75%. We just did that versus the Iliini. That is the secret sauce.

That’s alot of factors. But you know, Kansas is good. We can’t play less than close to our best and win. We have been inconsistent all year long. But as Dari and Pat said on the SEC Network, our ceiling is “so high.” We play our best, we win.


Good info I tend to agree… Hope you’re feeling better brother…


Glad to see you posting I hope you’re feeling good! Devo and Walsh are the X factors today.
Every player that takes the court has to do their part.


Thanks y’all.

I am feeling fine. A little sore. Nothing major. My left ear is better. Still not normal. Jeff is probably right, I probably did burst my eardrum. It will heal. I’ll go see my hearing specialist this week. My ears are my living, that’s for sure.


I think it’s more mental than physical. IMHO, when the Hogs have a lead in the second half, they play “not to lose” rather than play to win. They get uptight, lose their focus and aggressiveness and become tentative. All of which affects their physical performance.
UA…Campus of Champions

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This is exactly right.

Feel better sir and take care of your health! Thanks for the great post!

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Yes that’s exactly what we do… we start freezing up and start making decisions that will lose games for you rather than win It.

That’s why we cannot take the foot off the gas. We can’t start going into stall ball with 5 minutes left in the game

I hate to point this out, but we all know it. Muss is the one that conducts the “stall ball.” Especially in year’s past when we had good FT shooting, he will point at the spot, dictate that the ball handler go to that spot (usually between the hash and the center court line), and have them wait to get into our action with about 12 seconds left in the shot clock.

So while I agree we need to keep our foot on the gas, I am sure Muss has lots of analytics pointing to
winning percentage once you have a so and so lead with so and so left. That’s just a guess. But I know what I have seen for years now. Its Muss who dictates slowing down the offense late.

He’s had guards he could rely to run that gambit not sure I know who that is this year.

Love your point number 5. Great stat

Not sure we will have to deal with a large lead. That will be tough to do against Kansas

My X factor for this game is Nick. No way he has another bad game. He needs to explode onto the tourney stage today. Hoping he can get 23 or more points. Think we will need every one of them.

Devo would be the other key defensively along with 3 or 4 key three pointers as he has tended to do this season in big games. RC4 of course will need to continue what he did in the first game.

I too hope you’re feeling better and would add that we need to shoot over 40%.