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Maybe the luckiest break in sports history for Verstappen

But it is not over yet, is it? Last I heard Mercedes had filed a protest for reconsideration to Internatiomal Court of Appeals. Was that appeal denied today?

Regardless what a race and that final pass. I decided to watch this one live because he and Lewis Hamilton had come to Abu Dhabi and Hamilton on verge of history. Very unlucky for Lewis. He was in control of the race.

I watched the last half of the race. Verstappen is a helluva talent but he strikes me as a self absorbed brat, kinda like Phil Mickelson. And the race director seemed like he was going to make sure Max won, because with fresh tires, no way Hamilton could hold him off once the lapped cars were cleared.

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I was thinking they didn’t want Hamilton to break Schumacher’s record of chanmpionships. But that is no more valid that any other attempt at assigning dark motives. The primary inconsistency was letting only the lapped cars between Hamilton and Verstappen through before bringing in the safety car. That is not within the regulations. Race director Masi said he wanted to end the race running, but why not end every race running? That is a point that could be made in court. Had all of the the lapped cars been allowed to go around, as per regulation, the race would have finished under the safety car and Hamilton would have won. Red Bull contends that “any” does not mean “all”, as in “any lapped cars must overtake the safety car and take their place at the rear of the field…”. “Any” clearly means “all”, just as “any persons entering this establishment must wear a facial covering”. It means all. Just before the restart, an announcement was made that the lapped cars would be allowed to go around, as opposed to Verstappen having to work his way past several. Then only four went around. Mercedes was blindsided.

After reading up on this season it seems like Lewis Hamilton got more than his fair share of questionable breaks this season.

And when it came to the end it required a deus ex machina to hand the title to Verstappen. What happened before is not relevant. The race director must live in the present.

Yes, a few breaks but those breaks are not uncommon. What happened in Abu Dhabi was entirely different,

Feels like Birmingham should be involved in this somehow. Although they’re a little more subtle about it than Michael Masi was. I understand he directly violated Article 48.12 of the rules, which states that a restart from the safety car can only come at the end of the following lap after lapped cars unlap themselves. If Masi had followed that rule, the race ends under yellow and Hamilton wins. But he ignored that rule for Verstappen’s benefit. If he wanted the race to finish with racing, red flag, clear the track and then restart as per normal procedure.

I’ve never seen such interest in F1. This morning the OzarksGo tech, a new F1 fan, asked me who I supported when I mentioned having to get up at 0645 to watch the race (DVR problem). Controversy certainly brings out the crowds. It’s almost as if they contrived the WWEsque finish to gin up interest for next season. But F1 is too sophisticated for that, right? Next thing you know they’ll be throwing helmets and fists, like NASCAR.

Michael Masi may be the target of those fists at this rate.

Masi might be the target of a pink slip, at least.


I always say some just follow Razorbacks and some follow sports. There are a lot of us who love sports, all sports. I for one keep up with every sport US athletes are involved in and then some.

I think they justified it with another rule that basically says the race director can do whatever the hell he wants.

There is a descriptive term for that; arbitrary and capricious. :prince:t2::-1:

Mercedes has announced they will not appeal. The challenge will carry on to the track. Big fun. Would love to sit at turn 12 again at COTA.

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