Former UConn head coach Bob Diaco has interviewed for the Arkansas defensive coordinator job,

I don’t know, this seems like we are in for a wild ride.

I still don’t understand why Minn has not announced that Rob Smith is the DC??

I would think after the year we have had, getting a commitment from ast Coach’s would show some stability.

Who ever gets the job needs to be able to recruit Texas.

Looks like Rhoads & Diaco will be Co-Defensive Coordinators focusing on the 3-4 Defense.

Patridge replaces Seagrest as Defensive Line Coach

Not sure how safe Vernon Hargreaves job is but a Dynamite recruiter to replace him

Coordinators are not here to recruit. Coordinators are here for the Xs and Os. They will chip in on the recruiting trail, but that’s not their primary responsibility.

Diaco was a teammate of BB’s at Iowa for one year, played for Iowa while BB was a GA there and then they coached together for two years. So there’s the connection. He did win the Broyles Award in 2012 when he was the DC on the Notre Dame team that made the NCG before getting blasted by Bama.

Diaco is the leading candidate for the Nebraska DC job, some say he’s it, so I wouldn’t put anything in stone just yet.

Thanks Chief for the input.

If Arkansas matches Rob Smith paycheck they easily out pace what Nebraska paid last season for their DC.

We’re going to have to slap a title on both Diaco & Rhoads (As Co-Defensive) + one is going to be Asst. Head Coach in order to justify pay rates to keep both and bring in Partridge.

My main concern with Diaco is that the 3-4 requires more linebackers. And LBs are what we haven’t had. We’ve been able to recruit/develop DL for the most part – from Flowers to Agim. But LBs have been lacking even in the 4-3 (which often became a 4-2 when facing the spread). Where are we going to get more LBs? If Diaco is the man, I hope he has answers to that question. But he certainly has a good history as a DC.

I think that if we go to a 3-4 at least a couple of the current DEs-at least-become OLBs who mainly rush the passer. So the number of “true” LBs needed may not be much greater than with a 4-3.

I would be uneasy about taking a job at Nebraska. It is obvious that Nebraska will go after Scott Frost, head coach at Central Florida.

I think whoever gets Diaco is going to have to pay him. The going rate for head coaches coming back as coordinators seems to be in the $1 million range now, or at least in the high six-figures. Sometimes you can go a little lower if a previous buyout works to your advantage. For instance, Ohio State is paying Greg Schiano $600,000 because the Buccaneers are still paying him, too.

I don’t doubt Arkansas would pay $1 million; not sure about Nebraska. The Cornhuskers’ highest-paid assistant last year made around $580,000. There is more money in the SEC to pay on coordinators than there is in the Big Ten.

Also, I don’t think stability at one program or the other plays much of a factor here. If you are considered a top coordinator (and especially if you’ve had head coaching experience), your top priority is to become a head coach as soon as possible. Whoever gets Diaco probably isn’t going to have him for more than a couple of seasons until another school is ready to take a chance on him as a head coach.

And I’m not sure the situation at Arkansas is any better than the one at Nebraska. Both head coaches know they have to win next year or their situation becomes dicey.

Spot on. :sunglasses:

Do we even recruit Texas?
Answer: Not very well.
Colorado got 4 players off the 2 teams that played for Texas 6A state championship game. I’m not a great research person on these matters, but for a state bordering Texas we should be doing better than Colorado.

Just like I figured, another friend or someone he knows from from Iowa. Why couldn’t he hire a coach from Bama like the Linebacker coach or a better coach from a good team. I’m getting tired of these.

Diaco to the Huskers ‏@coachingsearch 1m1 minute ago
Bob Diaco will reportedly be Nebraska’s defensive coordinator:

Diaco was a Broyles Award winner. What else could you want in a coordinator?

Every coach is going to draw on his past when he hires assistants. Bobby Petrino’s offensive coordinators were his brother and Garrick McGee, who he coached in college. Most of his assistants had a connection to him or his father.

And if you want to be pulling from ties to one school, Iowa isn’t a bad one.

Diaco to Nebraska :oops:

Well my anticipation has plummeted after hearing that…Guess they should be announcing our current DB Coach to the position.

Atleast expectations will be easily held in check with no splash hire in sight … FRUSTRATED

Was clinging to this potential hire as my only optimism for next season.
Should’ve known not to get my hopes up.
Really disappointed we missed out on him, i like him so much more at DC than CPR. Oh well.

I would have liked to get a coach Diaco’s image as a Broyles Award winner, but the reality is that he isn’t connected in the South and he would be new to our team.

Rhoads knows our players, he knows our defensive tendencies, he knows the terminology, the Players are comfortable with him too.
He ALREADY knows what all the players are capable of so he can make great changes that will more likely succeed.
Rhoads can step up and make an impact in the spring practices, since he doesn’t have a big learning curve.
Rhoads is a respected Coach with many HS coaches in the South, Texas and Midwest from his time at Auburn, Iowa State, Pitt.