Former UCA OL signee

Dalton Brown of Nashville said on FB he’s a PWO at Arkansas. Posted it earlier today.

Saw him play at Nashville. About 6-3, 280 when I saw him.

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‘’Almost every kid in the state of Arkansas was born and raised on calling the Hogs. I believe that being a Razorback is bigger than football itself. It’s the way the chills run through your body when the entire state calls the hogs at the same time. You can feel the love of an entire state having your back. I’m doing it for the eight year old me that always dreamt of being on the field on Saturday’s. Hopefully I can inspire the youth like this program has inspired me.’’


I think the program can always use these types. Also, you never know which can turn into another Brandon. For sure, he can help make the others better.

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Attn; Please read this statement!

All young men, this is the time to be a Razorback!!

He really explodes into his blocks, could be a heck of a interior DL at ~320#

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