Former UA star expected to be named coach at Little Rock Parkview … ttle-rock/

Heard this a couple of days ago. Glad to see it is happening. Hope there are no bridges burnt between Scotty and Muss. Parkview is an important pipeline to the UA program.

The previous coach was anti-Nolan, him being retired can’t do anything but help the hogs.

Are there some up and coming stars in the PV program? Big shoes to fill for Scottie. He will be expected to win big right away. As for the previous coach being " anti-Nolan". I’m not sure why that matters, even if true. Nolan was 4 coaches ago and is not involved in the program in any way. We’ve had 3 PV players in the past few years. I don’t think Scottie will let what happened between him and Muss ,dampen his love for the U of A.

The bridge you have in mind is between Al Flanigan and Nolan, passed on to Mike. The bridge I mentioned is between Scotty and Muss. Do you not remember Muss did not retain Scotty?

From our previous reporting, Scotty had a chance to stay on in a non-coaching role at Arkansas, but declined the position.

That is the problem. Non-coaching. Mike did that to Zimmerman, but I believe Scotty is younger and has much higher aspirations.

I hope it is not an issue and Scotty is not like Al Flanigan with a long memory. I don’t think Al ever got over it.

It’s not.

Scotty is all about his beloved Razorbacks.

Scotty is thrilled about the Parkview job. He didn’t rush into trying to land a job. He was very picky and PV fits.

Scotty is too big of a man to hold a grudge. He would never hurt the school he loves.

Where did you pick that up from, if there were any hate out of central Arkansas check NLR…also I wouldn’t count on that yet, this new head coach doesn’t have anything coming

Didn’t impact Daryl Macon, Anton Beard, Khalil Garland and Ethan Henderson.