Former Stetson big

He said he’s suppose to visit, but doesn’t have a date yet.

Played for Coach Williams his first 2 years. Good stats for a really bad team averaging 10 pts, 7 rbs a night in approximately 20 minutes per.

I think we are the leader in the clubhouse if we offer.

What caught my eye was his stats against Puke.

I am still worried if we go into the season with just 10 scholarship players eligible to play. I hope if they add a player, he is eligible for upcoming season. If not, save that scholarship for major 2020 recruiting class.

Maybe waiting for Walker to say he’s not going to reclassify to 2019 before setting a visit date? I assume he would have to sit for this season then have 2 years eligibility left. Not sure I wouldn’t want to just save that 2020 scholly.

Watched about 10 minutes of highlights from HS and college. Good length, really nice looking shot, not super explosive, but not tethered to the ground either. 13 rbs per 40 minutes is impressive.