Former Razorbacks find niche on SEC Network (story)... … ansas-fla/

I love this. Pat has great chemistry with Fishback.

Pat has a great personality, and it comes across the screen. He is warm and friendly and knows his stuff. He has a chance to do very well at this career…like a network bigger than the SEC Network.

Pat is a lot of fun to listen to, for sure. I don’t know how many will agree with this, but I enjoy Dykes’ in-game commentary. I think he’s got a good knowledge of the men’s game and is great at pointing out the minute details that impact games.

Dykes knows the game no doubt, but something about him grates my nerves at times. Probably just a “me” problem.

Dykes fails to admit he has friends that are dirt bags. I have had no use for him since the kneel down issue.
He likes to bump his guns about what coaches should do but he is unable to control or lead a team himself! Talk the talk and unable to walk the walk! He might as well move to Kentucky.
There aren’t any media members out there that have faced the unethical practices of their dear friends. Rick Pittino, Greaseball (Cal), ( liar liar) Bruce Pearl, ( cheater cheater) Ben Holland, and ( back stabbing) Tom Izzo. This is part of what is wrong with major college sports allowing dirtbags to continue to coach!
I do like Pat Bradley but I don’t like the bandwagon Jumping Fishback. Announcers during our games talk more about Kentucky and the SEC in general than they do the hogs. I normally mute them.

Dykes is so strong on the game but he has no chemistry with Antoine Walker. Walker is terribly dull which makes it worse.