Former Razorback recruit

Tim Anderson committed to Fresno ST. … l/Commits/

I know many were concern about making room for 29 new Razorbacks in 2019 recruiting class. The Spring roster has 63 members at present.

There were 10 midterm enrollees in Jan 2019.

There are 32 players who were on the roster at the beginning of 2018-2019 academic year who are no longer on the present roster. (Through graduation and player transfers)

There is at present time 80 of the 85 total limit of scholarships are accounted for, with two more of 2019 recruiting class still to be sign. Those two would bring roster to 82 of the total scholarships.

This would leave the roster with three open spots, which will be filled with walk-ons.

My guess walk-ons Jack Lindsey RS JR, Brenden Young SR and Reid Bauer Soph will be awarded scholarships at the begining of 2019-2020 academic year.

I hope one goes to Justice Hill we need his bb scholarship

Should Justice Hill be place on a football before Jan. 2020, (2nd semester of 19-20 academic year) he becomes an Initial Counter for 2019 recruiting class. (one of 29)

I guess I could be wrong, but I think CCM will sign two grad transfers LBs with remaining scholarships to fill out the 2019 recruiting class.

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I’m not sure how it works, but i believe if he gets into a football game before Jan 2020, he has to be switched from a basketball scholarship to a football scholarship.

I just don’t get the lack of love for Justice, a young man who is Razorback through and through and was committed for so long.

I still think he will end up being a basketball player who might dabble in football down the line.

I do not think he goes full-time football.

I do think he plays a lot next season, obviously depending on who Arkansas brings in.

From Arkansas side of it, the Razorbacks need and could use two grad linebackers in this class, instead of a 6th or 7th QB or CB or WR.

The moment he plays his first seconds in a real football game, he would have to give up the basketball scholarship.

Well at the present time Justice Hill isn’t a scholarship student-athlete for either football or basketball.

We need to use 2 scholarships for solid transfer LB’s if we can get them…period! We need them badly!

While that is true, Dudley has said all year as soon as the semester ends, Justice will be put on scholarship with the b-ball team.

I understand that Hill will be place on a BB scholarship in June, the debate is should he be place on a football scholarship in June. Hill can’t be place on a football scholarship until the 2nd semester of the 19-20 academic year (Jan 2020) without becoming an Initial Counter for 2019 recruiting class. (one of 29)

That is indeed what I am being told.

I’m not debating putting him of football scholarship in June, what I’m saying if our first game, he gets on the field (even special teams), he is no longer on basketball scholarship. I believe that he HAS to go on football scholarship at that point, which as you’re saying would count back.

I would guess Justice will redshirt in football next fall.

None of my business, but I’ll never understand Hill’s decision to bypass his last year of HS Basketball, and 2nd semester of his senior year.