Former Razorback Patrick Beverley to Clippers...

traded by Houston along with Sam Dekker and Lou Williams for Chris Paul.

Living in Austin I had started following Houston because of Beverly…They are now dead to me…Just another texas team to root against.

I thought Harden was dynamite this year with the ball in his hands. This new Rockets backcourt will be something to behold. Not sure it works.

This maybe the last chance for CP3 to show that he can win big. Must at least get to Western Conference Finals.

As a defensive specialist and with average PG skills, I wonder if Beverley has a long career left in the NBA, unless he is paired with a James Harden type in the backcourt.

Beverley’s PG duties with Houston were similar to what Derek Fisher had with the Lakers. Fisher brought the ball up the court, handed it to Kobe and went to the corner and waited for the ball come back to him for an open shot. Kobe was pretty much the PG from thereon,

I don’t see a James Harden in the Clippers backcourt. On top of that it is a big challenge to step into CP3’s shoes and do what he did for the Clippers. Perhaps Clippers will trade for or sign a free agent to team Beverley up with a James Harden type. It will be interesting to see how rest of Beverley’s career unfolds.

This was not a good day for Beverley, who had created his niche on this Houston team, not sure if he can do that for Clippers.

You’re really overthinking it. Someone will want Beverley as long as he is playing 1st team All NBA defense. He was named to that team about 48 hours ago.

So, I think he’ll be Ok for awhile.

I think there’s definitely a role for Beverley for the next few years at the very least. I always think how perfect he would be on teams like Milwaukee (with Giannis) or Minnesota (defensive-oriented coach, star power).

Him being one of the few legitimately elite PG defenders in the NBA and being able to shoot well is a great combo. Ironically, he got traded for another elite defender who just so happens to be arguably the best PG of his generation. I doubt LA goes out and makes a big move. I could see them flipping DeAndre Jordan for assets. With as bad as Doc was in the GM role, they have a dearth of those.

It’ll be an interesting experiment in Houston. Since CP3 opted in, he can bolt after this year, but I love that Morey is always down to swing for the fences. They’re both ball dominant guys, but the talent is overwhelming. I want to see if CP3 will buy in and meet D’Antoni halfway as far as style of play goes.

Will be interesting to see if they can actually get another big piece, but this rotation is a heck of a fallback option if they can’t get PG13 or Melo…

Anderson/Cam Oliver (really like this guy, can’t believe he went undrafted)
Capela/Nene (if they bring him back)