Former Razorback Joe Foucha transfers to LSU

Not bad offer list for a 3* recruit I guess.

Plus, I’m sure Coach Kelly and staff used the ole “ we would have offered you if we’d been here” line with him. Blame the last staff for wronging Joe like that.

As to your point about going back to play for the home school, that’s exactly what Utsey did.

The portal giveth and taketh away. We all better get used to it.

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I’m a bit conflicted about this. While I hate to see a good player leave, I want all Razorbacks to live their dream. In this case, he lives his dream but not in a Razorback uniform to finish his career. The high road says to wish him well and thank him for his contributions while wearing the Hog uniform. The low road, well, I’ll just leave it at that.

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It’s certainly the new reality. Not a good look for him being a team captain bailing on his team. No doubt the deal was in place (through back channels) prior to him hitting the portal. But I’m certain that’s common. He was like Woods, a good not great player. Hate to see him go.

Completely disagree. I think it is low class and a punk move. Don’t deserve to wear the Arkansas jersey anymore. Home? Really? They didn’t want you in the first place but now you are home. Okay?

I hate to see him leave, but isn’t he kind of validating a bit of what we try to tell Arkansas kids about playing in their home state and opening doors for the rest of their lives? I know it is crappy that he built his resume here only to walk out, which by the way I think we will be able to overcome, but unfortunately most of this kids are not like our Grant Morgan who combined his passion for football and the opportunity to get an education. Many rely on making a name for themselves in professional sports or leveraging their name in the real world, which happens a bit easier at home.

Do you really think he was going to be the big dog in the secondary next year? Maybe I should have said “star”. I am not saying he would not be on the field a lot. I am saying that he was not going to be the guy who consistently stood out playing alongside Catalon.

He also could see how the younger guys were developing, figure out whether those young guys were going to get more chances, and decide whether he was going to be the one whose playing time went down a bit.

Maybe 2021 was as good as it was ever going to get for him.

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As Clay stated and after researching the recruiting sites, LSU did offer so the “they didn’t want you in the first place” statement that keeps getting bandied about on this thread and the twitterverse doesn’t hold weight. Makes the whole thing a bit weirder IMO since if it was his dream to go to LSU, he could have chosen it out of high school. Maybe I’m forgetting something about them pulling the offer. I dunno.

So you think the Missouri guys we’ve gotten are quitters too? If you are going to hate guys who transfer out who were contributors how can you embrace the guys who transfer in?

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An offer list is interesting. How many were committable offers is open for debate. There are times that there is an offer, but when the player tries to commit, they say, “Hold on, we are counting scholarships at your position and we are out right now. We will get back to you.” It depends on the order in which offers commit who they take. If they offer 10 safeties on the front end (as sophomores or juniors), they may end up taking one or two. The way that players commit – or the order – matters greatly.

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Are players that transfer to Arkansas from other programs low class scum as well?


Free agency is here without the tampering rules… It is now semi-pro football. This is not good for the game or the fans, but it is the new reality.

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LMAO------> Good one!


Were either of them captains and starters at Missouri?

Is the coach that recruited Foucha to Arkansas now at LSU?

Spoiler alert…the answers are no.

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Ummm he had a offer from lsu and lots more big time offers. Sometime home and family get to these athletes.

I wish Joe Foucha and Greg Brooks well at their next stops.

They were integral parts in helping turn the program around to the point it is today.

They were stand up guys while here and Foucha’s family had to endure a lot the last few years that was on his mind a lot.


So some on here are thinking Foucha got a bag full of NIL money to go to LSU?

I’m not buying that the least bit. Foucha is a good player but he’s not a world beater. If they were giving bags of NIL money out, I’m sure they could have found many higher rated players to take the money.


Unless you’re actually from the state of AR being a Captain on the football team doesn’t seem to carry much weight lately.
Boyd last year, Foucha this year.

yes it’s kind of sad, but it ain’t nothing but a thang. Thanks Joe for the time and effort you did give to the Razorbacks. Time to move on for you and U.A.! GHG!

Two thoughts…I’m reminded of the quoted (but not attributed) comment made by someone on the team about the secondary group leaving the team that it was a “business decision”…make of that what you will.

Second, that’s the first time Foucha has recovered an item on the field that the SEC has let it stand…