Former Penn State DB commits to Arkansas

Offer list is outstanding. Could he play next year? Looks like he would need to graduate, but after three years at PSU that is not implausible.

I think he can play next year

The one-time transfer rule is almost certain to be approved and thus he would be good to go either way

Thats my understanding. But like Dudley said the one-time deal will pass.

Looks like a good prospect, never know on the transfers. I thought we would get more out of Kelly,but glad to have him, we definently need help at CB.

FWIW, had this story ready to go since last week.

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he sure has the credentials to play early, let’s hope this pans out. we need all the fast, athletic players on D that we can get.


Gordon is official.

Okay, this kid has me excited. He looks disciplined–good form, great feet. Can’t wait to see the defense next year with a proper Spring to practice.

Agreed. The offer list can offer more insight than stars, particularly between 3 and 4 stars. This man had a lot of top drawer offers. Does that read speed, among other qualities? And now he’s a Razorback.

Don’t know much about him other than this, but I sure like what I see. We really need help here and he seems like he can provide help.

Looks like a player, need him to come ready to start and be an impact player.

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