Former OU WR Jadon Haselwood

Ok thanks.

Javion Hunt was a RB that we redshirted this year. He has some talent.

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Smith can come back as super senior, can’t he?

Yup. He sat out two years, one at AZState and one after he transferred here, but 2022 would be his sixth year to play four.

I’ve seen JH play quite a bit watching OU football as I do. He’s underperformed at OU IMO in the last 2 years. But that could be due to the Rattler then Caleb Williams QB switching and the overall drop in production of OU’s offense. Rattler seemed to target Marvin Mims a lot more than JH. AndJH seemed to drop a lot of passes and/or not make the tough catches in traffic. Big guy, looks athletic. Well spoken and seems very nice. Could be a good get. I’ll leave that decision to JH and our coaches.

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I thought Hunt played in 1 game but I may be mistaken.

He did.

You can play up to 4 games and still be redshirted.

so is this a confounder?? not sure if even credible source

Otis or the tweeter

Otis said this on another site, but seems to changed his mind or something changed.

Yes… you take Haselwood for sure!

From my OU friend: Rattler is the one suggesting they are the package, and Hazelwood is willing to go his own way.

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