Former OU WR Jadon Haselwood

One to keep an eye on…hearing some rumblings about he and Arkansas. Played for Jimmy Smith at Cedar Grove in GA, former #1 WR in the 2019 recruiting class. With the year KJ put up and Burks likely moving on, we have a pretty attractive situation to sell a top WR.


Looking at OU’s stats, I see he has caught 39 passes for 399 yards this season. 6 TDs.

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Would be nice for the other Oklahoma WR we got last year to step up.

just watched some highlights on this dude. he would be a huge get!

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Fair trade for Mike Woods?
UA…Campus of Champions

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He had 4 more TD’s this year than Woods and the remainder of his stats are close to Woods. Worth a shot I suppose.

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somebody gotta mention Zach Evans, TCU 5 star now in portal

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More than worth a shot. He was the number 1 overall receiver recruit in 2019. Played behind Ceedee and others that year, then tore his ACL in ‘20, so this was his first year coming off of that. His stats don’t tell the story here.

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We don’t need a RB. We are set there for a while.

While I agree that we have some really nice RBs, I think you always take a game changer. Not sure if the RB mentioned has proven game changing skills at the college level, but if he is a great one, you take him anyways.

Big big headache with Evans, I don’t think we’ll be interested.

There’s reasons to be optimistic about Haselwood.


Richard what kind of speed does Haselwood have?

You’re assuming all the RBs return.

We’ll see.

Smith has graduated, right? So we have 3 left that played this year- Rocket, Green, and DJ. We signed a couple good prospects, but they aren’t on campus yet. We will need more than 3 backs in the SEC for sure.

Hunt is still on the roster, enrolled early and never played, or I don’t think he did.

Plus what if you need Rocket to be Tryelon?

Lots of variables.


That is what I think we see- Rocket moving to a WR or hybrid position. In fact, that option pitch symbolized the “changing of the guard” of playmakers with Burks headed to the NFL.

He ran hurdles and relays at Cedar Grove.

Was clocked at 4.57 in HS.

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