Former OU receiver Jadon Haselwood announces transfer to Arkansas


That’s awesome! Hopefully he can come here and and make a very big impact… welcome aboard!

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Huge commitment. I hope he gets in and makes strides to excel. K J’s success played into his decision.

WPS!! Yesssssss sirrrrrrr! Learn that hog call!! Welcome aboard!

Lets gooooooooooo!!!

Really big news. Gets to practice this spring and should be good to go in August. wps

But the big question is - can he play in the Hogs’ bowl game? :rofl:

Great pick up for the Hogs!!

IMO this is big 2 ways - reality, a potential game changer like Treylon Burks. Perception, the Hogs have a 5* transfer in from OU. Doesn’t matter the circumstances, it shows more of the elite kids out there (that we have to get to go to the next level) that the Hogs are for real, get on the train


He’s not in the same universe as Burks. But glad to have him.

No one is

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Great addition of talent … thrilled to have him … welcome aboard, young man!

Such a huge addition and it raises our talent level and sends a message of a program on the rise. So thrilled Jadon has chosen the Razorbacks over no telling how many programs. Welcome to the new world of Razorback nation.


He is just what we needed. Experienced high level WR that has made big catches in big games to help lead the young pups. We needed some age in that WR room too. JH will help offset some of what we are losing. Our WR/ TE room will be bare next year. No Burks (probably), no Warren, no Morris, no Kerns. That is most of offense gone for next year.

I will zig while most here are zagging. If you have Burks-type talent in ONE player you lean on it as much as you can, without completely derailing the offiense by over-relying on that player (allowing defenses to totally key on him vs using him as a decoy also). If you have TWO Burks-type talents you suddenly are in the playoff discussion as no one will be stopping you (ala Bama many years, of late, and OU under Riley).

If you don’t have a Burks-type dominating player you diversify touches or ride the hot hand in any given game. Thompson, Jackson, and Knox are three who showed up plenty this year, and the RB room will be as deep as ever next year, after having more contributors this year than touches.

The biggest asset? KJ returns experienced and confident. Much of the OL will be back, and the competition in the room will be that much greater. Is it possible that we might be inviting Wagner back only to have him no longer start given the growth in the OL room?

Targets and touches will be redistributed. Burks became a player we could rely on to make a play … eventually … against even the best competition. Having a couple step forward, even if not at his elite level, will create pressure on defenses to shut everything down. That diversity means we will be better next year, even if the elite go-to guy is making big bucks on Sunday.


I agree I would rather have three or four very good receivers than one great receiver much harder to defend that. We are bringing in some very good recruits as well as Haselwood.I think KJ is going to be very pleased with the amount of talent that he has to work with


Completely agree! You may not be able to replace a Burks but you can get darn close with this young man and others as they develop! I love the options going forward. Haselwood was a 5 star and #1 WR - he could easily step into the Burks role. You will have a more mature Jackson as well to go with the others.

Really like your post, I think you nailed it. If we can steal a couple more of these recruits (like Williams) we will be doing well. Just think if we had converted the 2 points against Ole Miss…


I really think the offense could be harder to stop next year, it’s the defense that I’m most worried about. For offense, I believe we’ll actually be deeper at WR with a variety of weapons. Small but fast track stars to stretch the field along with 6’2+ receivers that can run too. The key will be, can they catch the ball in crucial situations?
RB looks like a deeper position with game changers, along with more TE. At TE, I’m thinking that either Trey Knox (how much weight can be put on?) Or Henry will step up to another level ( what if both do…) We had two freshmen redshirt along with two more coming in, so we’ll have more scholarship guys in the room now. The Oline should be deeper as the young pups should be ready to really push for some PT. QB is in good hands. Next year is gonna be another tough one, but we should be alright… at least on offense